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Neural Fabric

    As we design products that utilize new and fairly unexplored technologies, one should be sure to also be continually asking the question, “What potential effect does this new device have on individuals and the world at large?” 

    Now that most technology has the power to harvest massive amounts of personal data about the user, and given that ubiquitous and pervasive computing are still fairly new to the world, it is important that we take an active role in deciding what kind of data this technology can harvest, as well as who it can be harvested for.

    This project, Neural Fabric, explores the new field of consumer grade EEG technology and questions whether or not it can be used to effectively detect human emotion. Given that these devices are a part of the growing field of wearable computing, this project also explores the ways in which we could design technology to interface with the body, as well as the way ethics should be considered while developing projects in this field.