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My Brain in Bytes!


While it may not look like much, after weeks of struggling with NeuroSky, I have finally been able to get some useable data from it. Behold, my brain in bytes! I am very excited to start making sense of all these numbers. By the way, when I say I, I really mean we. I have had a tremendous amount of help from a PHD candidate here at NYU- Mike Karlesky. Working with new technology takes a village, or at least one solid engineer.

Also, for the record, let it be known that trying to interface the NeuroSky with Arduino via bluetooth is not easy. Not in the least bit. The documentation and code that NeuroSky provides is lacking, and the number of Github repos on the subject are few and far between. The silver lining- I am now kind of an expert, at least with bluetooth serial communication, and I am sharing the code that is being written for this project on my Github.