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Hi! My name is Brigid. I make things.

Trail Blazer App

The Trail Blazer App was designed as an introduction to UX design project. In particular, this project was about working for a client, and being able to understand their needs. For this particular project, my client was Dan.

Dan is a graduate student in Brooklyn, where he also lives. Dan generally gets to where he is going by walking and is happy to be able to avoid public transit. That being said however, Dan thought it would be nice to have an app that would help him find the best route to his destination while adding in new things along the way – something to help him switch up his daily routine. An app that would help him customize his route based on the things he needs and wants to see, while still getting him to where he ultimately wants to go.

First version interactive paper prototype.

Final version clickable paper prototype with revisons after client testing.