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Stranger Danger

Close up shot of circuit sewn into dress.

In a world saturated with electronic devices, it’s entirely possible for people to experience more of their social interactions via the internet then they do in the real world. The shift away from face-to-face communication has resulted in a method of communication that would be more aptly described as screen-to-screen.

The Stranger Danger Wearable Mobile Security Device was created as a tongue-in-cheek comment on our culture’s upward trend toward agoraphobia, alienation, isolation, and general social ineptitude. It allows the wearer of the device to forego common social constructs by removing the need to speak all together. If someone gets too close to the user, the SDWMSD activates, emitting a series of gradually escalating lighting patterns intended to function as a tangible personal space invasion alarm. The wearer no longer need speak for themselves, technology can do so for them.

While this is not a UX project in a desktop or mobile sense, I still consider it to be a part of my UX portfolio, as the device creates a wearable interface that must be designed for user interaction like any other two dimensional interface.