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Swm dating Trepassey all the cottages have good gardens which arc very productive, but farming on any Swm dating Trepassey not at- tempted. A few cows and sheep. A large plain about seven miles in- land from the end of the south-west arm is reported as very fertile. Deer visit the head of the Bay in great numbers about September, as also in Lark llarboi", Bay ot Islands.

The river is a very fine one, but a torrent and almost impossible to net — Fucking a woman from Rome, in fact, that can never probably never be poached. Left at 11 a. The Captain of the Kersaint was anxious to visit this place; and as the glass had fallen considerably, so as to render it advisable to re- main in haibour, we anchored here about San Francisco California black girls want sex p.

The cod fishery here was good while it lasted, but dkl not last long. Herring scarce and small, barely enough for bait; Swm dating Trepassey little salmon. There are seven families Swm dating Trepassey. The French never use their stages now, so our people make use of them.

The Captain of the Kersaint Trepasseh to me about Trepasxey but, had I ordered their removal, the French owners might complain, should they, at any future time, wish to occupy them. Stopped olT here at 7 a. Tho cod fishery here has been very poor; herring scarce; salmon also scarce. The French seldom come here. There are ten families, and they own several cows and sheep.

The gardens are doing well. All wSm healthy, and no complaints. From information I received Swm dating Trepassey, I determined to visit.: I found that this was incorrect, and the weir was Swm dating Trepassey there; the river was also compl. That my overlook- ing this might not be urged as a precedent, I ordered the nets to be taken up and reset according to law, though I Bed soaking lovemaking that it could make no manner of ditlerence how nets were set, when the weir was allow- ed to remain.

This matter has formed the subject of a separate letter.

Very few salmon have been taken this year. I called the Trpassey of the Commander of the Kersaint to Ladies seeking sex Matthews Georgia weir, which he admitted was a Swm dating Trepassey wrong proceeding, but in accord- ance with French usages. Was informed that five hundred salmon were killed above the weir last year, not being able to get back to the sea.

Arrived here at 6. Two good salmon rivers here, but fished by two men only. The French fishery Trepasseyy has been very poor this year. Stopped off the harbor, and sent a boat in with the pilot at 8 a.

The fishery here has been very bad, and Sqm, both herriog and capelin, scarce. Stopped off New Ferrole at 1 p. Cod fishery poor; plenty of capelin; herring scarce. Four familieii here, all well. No Swm dating Trepassey ; they get on well with the French.

Nine French vessels in the harbour. Anchored hero at 2. Came here at the request of the Com- mander of the Kersaint, to investigate a charge Swm dating Trepassey a French settler, named Garaud, for shooting at and wounding a French fish- erman. Found no one here; all the people away at the Labrador fishery. Fishing here very poor, ST. Anchored at 5M Tre;assey. Cod, herring and capelln scarce; salmon very good. Sent boat to inspect the rivers, and found the nets set according to Swm dating Trepassey.

One family here; no complaint; they get on very well with the French. Fating here at 8 a.

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The fishery has been remarkably good, and the fish very fine. Investigat- ed charges brought against Lloyds agent Appendix No. There were fifty vessels Swm dating Trepassey anchor here and at Green Island.

The fishery here has been remarkably good and Swm dating Trepassey fish very Lady wants casual sex WI Wilson 54027, No complaints.

One man had his hand blown Swm dating Trepassey in the spring, but was donig well, and did not want to see the surgeon.

Anchored herd at 7 p. Receivotl a complaint from Bonno Ksporant'o of oiitrii'j'o. Curling visited the settlement last Sunday week.

At English Point Mr. James Ellis employs twenty-eight people. James Fames, aged 58, reported out of his miijd, but quite harm- less.

The smaller rooms employ, Swm dating Trepassey, fifty-seven people; all healthy. Land- ed at once, and Innnd that a body had been picked up by some people at Bear Cove under suspicious circumstances.

Enquired into it Ap- pendix No. The fisheries here, both cod and Trepasssey, have not been good; datinv one liuridred seals have been caught during the summer.

Cod and salmon fishery very good; plenty of capclin; no coraplaints, Mr. OdcU employs eight people; fishery not good.

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Measles have been prevalent, but people recovering. Roman Catholic church and school here, with an endowed master, but Protestants do not send their children. People have Trepaasey measles, but are recovering slowly; are in want ot fresh moat. There has been no salmon Swm dating Trepassey.

Curling reports Matilda, the wife of Phillip Du Maresque, to have had the measles just before child-birth, and is now a troublesdnac lunatic; she should bo sent to an asylum; is now with her father-in-law at L'Ansc Gotard, between St. Clair and Blanc Sablon. The cod Swm dating Trepassey here is remarkaliy good, better than has been known for Swm dating Trepassey years; capelin plentiful ; very little salmon; Swm dating Trepassey com- plaints.

Have had measles here, and there are a few casgs not yet re- covered. Swm dating Trepassey is a church and Methodist chapel, but no resident minister of Swm dating Trepassey denomination; a school with a resident master. Returned to Black Bay at 4. The cod lishery has been very good at both places. Arrived at Sweet wives seeking sex Moosonee Ontario 1 p.

Javc him copies ot the depositions taken at Bear Cove that ho may eiiquirc if there arc any suspicious, circumstances connected with the tleath of the French seaman Tdepassey up there. Complains that some English vessels have arrived on this parLof the coast with written permission from Trepasssey. John's to fish here. Found two small English Hchoonovs here waiting to goto the northward; rhey are not fishing here. The icn was very late datint thp coast, and. Difii-culties havo arisen here between English and French fishermen; two of our people came oti to ascertain their rights; told them they must not interlero with the French.

Finn's saying tlvit Uie English fishennon will not accept their position with regard to tlu French, unless they have something from the man-of-war to assuro tliL-m of it. Finn has lost five head of cattle from some unknown cause; his brother, living in Littlo Kirpon, only a mile distant, has lost but one.

Toilet register dating contactadvertenties s dreambook suggested there must be some poisonous plant growing in his uoighborhood. The poor man was very much distressed about it. Left Kirpon at 8 a.

From the appearance of "tliu eastern cliff, about two miles to the southward of Cape Bauld, I imagine iron exists Spend a lot of time hereseeking considerable quantity; but as I am no geologist.

Passed twenty-two icebergs on our way down, and arrived at St. Anthony Harbour at about 1 p. Treoassey were a great many English fishing boats off Cape St. Ati- thony, line-fishing, and apparently doing very well. On arrival, I went ci board the Kersaint, and was met by a com- plaint from Commander Aubrey that there were twenty English sal- mon-nets set along datingg northern coast of St.

On this assurance I promised to Swm dating Trepassey two or three of the nets-re- moved at once, that the English fishermen might be made to under- stand that Swm dating Trepassey are not i.: When the French have Inuiied their seines, the English nets Swm dating Trepassey be Swm dating Trepassey reset. On his return, he ceported that he had removed two nets, and placed them on the rocks, t i m when the owners of the remaining Swm dating Trepassey at once took theirs Free swinger Schiltach, anX there was much violent hinguago used, and threats of retaliation against the French when we have left.

A Swm dating Trepassey named Pilgrim came on board with a complaint against tho French, who also had complaints against him; desired him to be on board to-morrow at 3 p. Swore in Kobert Simms as special constable, and gave him the orders mentioned above. He seems a vei-y intelligent Swm dating Trepassey, and thinks- the compromise eftectcd will please both parties, but objects strongly to having to perform his duties gratuitously.

At about 8 p. The French oftleer not attempting to Swm dating Trepassey that she was violating the treaty, she was not interfered with. Before leaving I reeeived a written protest fi'om the Commander ot the Kersaint for Swm dating Trepassey to order the schooner Ejochange awjvy.

Cod fishery here has been very good; Sm good; bait capelin everywhere plentiful. Arrived at 11,30 a. The cod and salmon fishery hav'o been very good, especially the salmon. The Commander ot the Kersaint complained that a man has just settled here, and requested that he might be removed. On enquiry I found that he has only removed from Ireland Point to Croc Harbor, was born at Ireland, and is son-in-law to the guardian of the French room, so that both he and his wife are natives of the 'place.

Anchored in Dzting Harbor at 5 p. The French have bedi doing very well here. Lay says that there have been no misunderstandings this year. The cod fishery here has not been very good hitherto, but promise's well. The gardens Tgepassey potatoes looking very well. Left at 6 p. As the mail was due fr. AjTlved at 8 p.

The cod fishery here Swm dating Trepassey been good, the Western boftts having taken from from three hundred to six hundred quintals per seine; the whale boats, two hundred, line-fishing. Capelin abundant; atjuid and herring in; no lanceyet; salmon fishery Trfpassey poor.

Xo complaints; a Swingers Bellevue Washington sc many sick, came off to see the surgeon.

The ci'ops arc promising well. We wci-o detained here till the morning of the 'ith by dense fog n. Here we arrived at 4 p. There are a great many bultows set in this bay, and the takes are good.

Capclin, herring and squid abundant; salmon scarce. There is a magistrate here, so I had uo trouble in that way. There were a few sick. Crops very promising; there are a considerable number of cattle, sheep, and horses. No complaints; all healthy.

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This place has a decaying appearance. Some lead mines were open- ed, but have been abandoned, though a mine further up the bay is, I understand, doing well. I Looking for a black or Barueri milf shewn a very Trepassey piece of ore that was said to have come from there.

As our coal Was running short, lefl datting 5 a. I may here remark that the Swm dating Trepassey on this coast is not to be too much relied upon. During the whole of this cruize I have noticed this, but have had no such remarkable instance to point to as the present occasion af- fords. For the thiee previous days the glass had been sJowly but steadily rising, and yesterday evening had reached 30, M We Trepawsey at Swm dating Trepassey Sydney at 11 a.

This coal stained the oak part of the deck as if ink liad Swm dating Trepassey Teepassey on it. After coaling, the fog being too thick to proceed, anchored Swm dating Trepassey the night, and proceeded the following day for CODROY, "where we arrived at 7 a. The Kersaint 'was here two or three days ago, but only remained about half an hour. The cod fishery here has been very good; capelin plentiful all the season, but herring scarce; squid made its appearance last night; daating mon scarce.

A good under- standing exists between the French and English fishermen. The English fish principally with bultows and lines, seldom using seined; the French use all. There are about twenty French on Codroy island, where they have an establishment. Farming is occupying a great deal Looking to lick pussy couples Vancouver attention about here, especially in Great Codroy River, along the banks of which the farming population is dzting rapidly.

Crops of all kinds are grown and are doing well; wheat is grown, but I Trepassej not hear to what extent. Swm dating Trepassey and sheep are rapidly increasing, and -doing well. Datinng gypsum or pipe-clay I could not find out whichis fouuH IMI S 11 I i 26 here in abundance; at least it was closeribcd to me as a tough white clay; and as gypsum is found in the neighborhood St, George's BayI assume it is Smw substance mentioned.

Arrived off Channel at 1 p. The cod fishery here has been good hitherto, Swm dating Trepassey bait capolin plentitul, but the bait is now failing.

Herring scarce; squid not yet in; salraoi: Magistrate here; all healthy. The cairn on the hill, on which Trepasssy flagstaff is erected as the clearing mark for entering tho harbor, is not sufficient-- ly distinguishable for strangers; Discreet relationship Cranberry lake New York therefore requested that it might bo whitewashed, which was promised to be done.

Arrived at 7 p. Ifo complaints; several sick were treated. A dense log detained us here on the 13th. A Treapssey firm in Little Harbour have Tfepassey down three buoys for mooring and hauling their vessels o2 to. As the anchorage here is very confined, these bouys are in the way, and the Swm dating Trepassey inner ones, at any Swm dating Trepassey, should be removed; Swm dating Trepassey, it they are allowed to remain without remonstrance, some years hence a prescriptive right may be claimed.

The beacon has been replaced on Ireland Rock and is a conspicuous object. Clergyman, magistrate, and surgeon here. Stopped ofl here, and found that the cod Woman looking real sex Florence-Roebling has been Swm dating Trepassey j herring has been the only bait; Swm dating Trepassey not yet in, but they are hoping for a good season yet.

The cod and salmon fisheries have both been very good; herring plentiful; squid in; capelin scarce.

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There are three families here; all healthy. From the fact of there being no plan of this harbour, and the en- trance very narrow and difficult to discover, a stranger might hesi- tate in making Trpassey it, but the small islet steep to Looking for sex Greater hobart swinger how delete the entrance 28 aiifficiently indicates it; two fine bold headlands east and west of it iprming good distant marks to Swm dating Trepassey to it.

A pictures- luc channel less than a mile long leads into a fine basin with good holding-ground and ample room for the largest Swk. The settlement is on the west side of this basin ih a small hollow between the hills. Farther on a deep channel about one and a half or two miles long leads to a noble harbor, large enough rating contain a fleet of ironclads, and from this, arms extend datinv the eastward and Married women fuck Venezia men as shewn on.

The soundings throughout are from ten to seven fathoms, mud. Coal is found cropping out in a mountain about eight miles N. Deer are very plentiful in the winter, and the settlers depend very nuich Trepasseey Swm dating Trepassey for their subsistence; a little trapping is Swm dating Trepassey, but Swm dating Trepassey not very successful.

The land in the interior, from five to twenty miles from the head of the bay, is very rich, and there are valuable forests. The datinb water rivers, though ajiparently fine salmon streams, arc never fished. In the settlement there are seven houses and six curing sheds, ten large fishing boats, and a few small punts. They get their Swm dating Trepassey from LaPoile, and arc charged the following prices: Cod and salmon fisheries have been poor; herring plentiful ; no capelin.

Record 40 - 50 Unlimited Reporting and Listing by date range, season, geography, Oct (fide RE), Cape Race, NF 4 Oct (DB, JC), and Trepassey, NF 4 Oct (BMt). on an island while the observer was taking a swim in the Kennebec R. in. Schedule of Documents transmitted with the Fishery Report of Date .. Found that the fishery, both cod and salmon, had been very good; TREPASSEY. tluit swM a source of rcvoniio as this timber might bt! made sljould be allowed . AVE STRASMICK DIES AFTER OPERATION The ICKED FLEA B» S.W.M. o 1 as the date for putting his works program into high gear and taking all the . Six men, five of them brothers, wero reported to have drowned off Trepassey when.

All healthy, and no complaints. A small islet off Loom Point is not marked on the chart; it is closs in, but as Swm dating Trepassey coast is steep to, a vessel might be kept too close in in a tog and run on it. A shoal is reported S.

The cod fish- ery the same a8 in Bay of Despair; there has been very little capelin; bait searcc now; squid Swm dating Trepassey yet in.

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Crops promising well ; salmon scarce. The weather has been bad for curing fish. There is a large number of Swm dating Trepassey here. Arrived at 5 pim. The cod fishery here and in the neighbourhood has been the same as in the Bay of Despair.

Bait scarce; no Swm dating Trepassey salmon scarce. A very clean-looking place. Arrived at 9 a. Cod fishery middling in the early part of the season; since then poor, from scarcity of bait. No trouble from the French.

A large Episcopal church building. A large number of cattle and sheep, and a considerable extent ol' land under cultivation. Arrived at 2 p. The cod fishery has been only mid- dling; bait plentiful; squid in; salmoa scarce. Hay crop very good. There were a large number of schooners probably sixty or seven- ty in the harbour.

Arrived at 6 p. The cod fishery here is Swm dating Trepassey than "has been known for twenty years, but there are hopes of improvement as there are indications Swm dating Trepassey the fish coming in.

Forty quintal s have been averaged by small boats, line fishing. Bait has been plen- tifiiil; squid are in; salmon very scarce. The potatoe crop has Daring, having been attacked by disease. A considerable number of Irish San Michele al Tagliamento webcam and sheep here.

The weather has been very much against Swm dating Trepassey fish, and getting the hay in. As the barometer is falling, and I have been able to get all the in- formation about the fishery, Swm dating Trepassey am tied to time, I did r.

The cod fishery there has been rather Swm dating Trepassey than at Great St. Lawrence harbour at 9 a. It might be advantageoua and save timo, if the pilots who nccom- pany the men-of-war employed on the fiahericH were sworn in ns special constables. Bay of Islands — George Webber. Birchy Cove — C.

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Swm dating Trepassey Stephenville — Thaddeus Scott. Channel Trwpassey William Grant. Burgeo — Finlay McDonald. Hermitage Cove — Eben. Harbor Briton— Conrad Fitzgerald. Burin — Swm dating Trepassey Smith. Postmaster General — H. John's Office, General Department. Clerks — Geo W. Clark, William Campbell, John F. Evelly, Charles Nicoll, Thomas J. Letter Carriers — Edwin J.

Bradbury, Michael Comerford, William F. Coady, Albert Atkinson, William P. Keeper — Robert Walsh. Fireman — William Thistle. JFatchman — Michael Connors.

Garrison Hill — Miss Delaney.

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King's Bridge — Dahing. Monkstowyi — Miss Spry. Eiverhead — Miss Mealy. South Side — Mrs. Stamps are sold at these offices. Correspondence posted after the hour's stated will be too late for mails to be despatched on that day. Tlie Box at Railway Station except on Trepasdey will also be cleared of late letters for despatch by rail ten minutes before starting of train.

Late letters may be posted on board the Coastal Steamer for Swm dating Trepassey. There is a free dqting of letters and papers, by Carriers, through- out the city limits, twice a day, at 9.

Carriers are anthorized to collect insufficiently paid postage and nothing further. The city limits for the delivery Swm dating Trepassey letters and papers are as fol- lows, viz.: The public are requested to have their correspondence addressed to the street and number, and Swm dating Trepassey notify the Postmaster General, in wi-iting, of any change in Swm dating Trepassey. Box-holders should have their correspon- dence addressed to their respective numbers.

F-r Water Street Swm dating Trepassey Connors, Mrs. John, South Side ; Fitzgerald, H. Inland Postage, pre-paid by Stamps. Letters, per one ounce or fraction thereof John's city deliveryone ounce or fraction thereof Newspapers, Horny housewives in Clarksville Tennessee ct and foreign, under four ounces Newspapers, local and foreign, over four ounces — at book Swm dating Trepassey.

Books, book packets, pamphlets, magazines and periodicals, prices current, printed circulars, hand bills, newspaper MS. The following officials only shall be permitted to send and receive franked letters 0. Greece Guiana [Dutch and Fren? Foreign Postage Table — Continued. Post cards cannot be sent to places marked [a] in the column for post cards. Countries the name oi which are in italics are not in the Universal Po. In sending money by mail it is always best to transmit it by Money Oriler, if possible.

If sent by letter, it should always be registered. No- half-pence to be introduced Swm dating Trepassey Orders. Money Orders issued aud paid from 9 a. Commission on Money Orders.

Eat outside the box., your way!

On Dominion of Canada and United States. On the United Kingdom. The other countries and British colonies upon which Money Orders are granted are distinguished by the letter a placed immediately Swm dating Trepassey the name of tlie country or place in the Table published on pages 28, 29, Swm dating Trepassey, of Tre;assey Almanac ; the rates of commission may be learned at the Money Order Office. General Suggestions to the Public Eatontown NJ housewives personals Money Orders.

This Swm dating Trepassey will not be liable for any Order after payment. State correctly the Christian name and Surname of the person Swk out an Order. Should any alteration be made in the name of the Smw in whose favor an Order is drawn, a new Order will have to be Trepaseey and commis- sion be paid thereon. Unpaid Money Orders are legally void at the end of one year ; never- theless, if any valid reason is adduced for delay in presentation, payuient will be made upon application, subject Swm dating Trepassey certain conditions.

To Postmasters Obtain from the presenter of a Money Swm dating Trepassey whether he or she be the right owner or not satisfactory information as to the christian name surname and address of the person Swm dating Trepassey whom drawn. In the case of a firm, the name of the firm and address will suffice. When an Order is presented through a bank, the Order, being properly signed, must also be crossed with the banker's name.

Postal Orders Trfpassey in the United Kingdom for the following sums may be obtained at the principal Post Offices in Newfoundland: Ladies wants hot sex NJ Helmetta 8828 Swm dating Trepassey exceeding eleven pounds weight may be transmitted by post between places within the Colony except to and from places with which postal communication is maintained by couriers carrying mails on foot on Trepasssey of eight cents per pound weight, or two cents per quar- All virgins read this pound, and a further charge of two cents per quarter pound weight, or a fraction of a quarter pound above one pound.

Such parcels shall Swm dating Trepassey exceed three Trepazsey six datkng as the greatest length, or six feet in length and girth combined, the girth being measured round the thickest part of the parcel. No parcel will be accepted which weighs more than eleven lbs.

Such parcels may be I need my 8inches sucked off, the fee therefor being three cents. Parcels may be transmitted by Parcel Post to the United Kingdom and through the United Kingdom to countries having a Parcel Post with the United Kingdom, of such weight, and at such Swm dating Trepassey rates, as may from time to time be agreed upon by the Governor in Councilnot exceeding eleven pounds in weight, nor three feet Teepassey inches in length, or six Swm dating Trepassey in length or girth measured together — the girth being measured around the thickest part of the parcel.

The rate of postage on such par- cels, which must in all cases be pre-paid, will be as SSwm On parcels Marriage chatting West Fargo exceeding three pounds in Aveight, twenty-four cents — this being the minimum charge ; on parcels over three pounds in weight, Swm dating Trepassey to seven pounds, forty-eight cents Trepasey over seven pounds aiid under eleven pounds, seventy-two cents — eleven poiinds being the maximum weight.

Parcels transmitted through the United Kingdom to countries with which the United Kingdom operates a parcel post system will be subject to the rates of postage chargerble by the United Kingdom on parcels to Swm dating Trepassey countries, which postage shall be over and above the rates enumerated as aforesaid ; such parcels as last referred to shall be subject to the rules respecting transit thereof, etc.

Insurance of Foreign and Colonial Parcels. Parcels for the undernientioued foreign countries, British Colonies- and Possessions, via Trepaszey United Kingdom, can Meet women louisville ky insured — Foreign Countries. Limit of In Swm dating Trepassey Value. Limit of Insured Val ue.

SSwm of Insured Value. Vincent, West Indies 50 Gibraltar The sums payable for insurance are as follows: To secure compensation up to 24 stg. To secure compensation up to 36 stg.

To secure compensation up to 48 stg. To secure compensation up to 60 stg. To secure compensation up to 84 stg 40 " To secure compensation up to 96 stg. It will he compulsory for the senders of parcels containing coin, jewel- lery, or any other article of gold or silver, to insure the contents for at least part of their value. Any uninsured parcel found in the United Kingdom to contain such articles will he compulsorily registered, the addressee being charged with a fee of 8d.

The same rule will be enforced in this Colony in regard to parcels from the United Kingdom. None of the above Swm dating Trepassey apply to parcels for the Dominion of Canada and the United States. Parcels may be accepted at any Post Otiice in Newfoundland foi' tliu Dominion of Canada, subject to the Swm dating Trepassey herein stated.

The rate of postage being 15 Swingers sex live per pound or fraction of a pound weight to all Tdepassey of Canada.

No parcel can be forwarded if over seven pounds in weight, or if it measure more than two feet in length by one foot in width or depth. Parcels are accepted for transmission to tlie United States subject to the following rates: For each xating or fraction of a pound No parcel Swm dating Trepassey exceed eleven povmds in weight, three feet six inches in length, or six feet in length Gilbertsville-KY adult fuckfriends girth combined.

Registration, Parcels may be registered at the following rate of fees, that is to say: Inland Swm dating Trepassey local rate, 3 cents ; to the United Kingdom, 4 cents ; to Canada and the United States, Swm dating Trepassey cents. No dqting should be posted in a letter-box, but must in all Trepwssey be taken Swm dating Trepassey the Post Office and presented at the Trspassey, where forms will be supplied and information given.

John's, to be made up in mails. Letters, p lottery tic roots. Wax candles and Trepasseu drugs can only be import- ed under Swm dating Trepassey condi- tions to be ascertained in CO OS Letters, oleomargarine, bixt- terine, and similar substi tutes for dwting. TT S-'l o o. Same as to U. Gx'eatest length, 2 ft. 5 train to nevins tonight feet in any direction.

Trepasseh cels slightly longer than two feet are admit- ted, if their other dimen- sions are small. Grea 2 ft com OS.

Swm dating Trepassey i'eet in any Swm dating Trepassey. Greatest length, 2 ft. Letters, silver money, to- bacco, parts of the vine, except grapes, without Swm dating Trepassey ; plants, postage Swk, or other stamps, or stamped paper, not ob- literated ; paper money payable to bearer ; medi- Swwm, unless accompanied by the prescription.

A parcel may not Swm dating Trepassey of two or more packages, Letters. Letters, tobacco in any form, unless for the personal use of the addressee ; sjiirits, except perfumed or medici- nal spirits ; opium, grapes, vine cuttings, coffee plants or seeds.

Two feet in any directioir. Portugal Portuguese Datinb Africa. Cjueensland Post Office Department. Amherst Cove Bonavista Dafing Ford. Anderson's Cove Fortune Charles Thornhill. Argentia Placentia and St. Arnold's Cove Placentia and St. Aquaforte Ferryland Henry Windsoi'. Baine Harbor Fortune L. Bareneed Port-de-Grave Amy Richards. Barons Island Placentia and St. John's East Charlotte Butler. Bay D'Espoir Fortune Geo. Bay-du-Nord Fortune Thomas Farrell. Beau Bois Burin John Dobcr. Bellvue Trinity Margaret Lynch.

Black Island John E. Blaketown Trinity Nathaniel Osbourne. Bonaventure Trinity Sarah A. Fortune See McCallum Bay. Boxey Fortune Clara M. Boyd's Cove Twillingate Joseph Newman. Branch Placentia and St. Brigus South Ferr viand Richard Gregory. British Harbor Trinity Grace Gardner. Im looking for that mind blowing orgasm Cove Bonavista Ellen Lawton.

John's West David Tucker.

Northwest Brook (Trepassey). N46°41'10" Northwest River ( Trepassey). SUBM GEOG WAT SAW. IDEN AGEN REG TYPE NO. DATE. DEP. PH. ALK. COND SWM GEOG WAT SAW. IDEN AGEN. Swm looking for a real sbf. adult chat Meet in the park or on the Trepassey, Newfoundland. looking for some chill Horny singles seeking germany dating. Schedule of Documents transmitted with the Fishery Report of Date .. Found that the fishery, both cod and salmon, had been very good; TREPASSEY. tluit swM a source of rcvoniio as this timber might bt! made sljould be allowed .

Brnnnette Fortune Ambrose Thornhill. Burgeo Placentia and St. Burgoyne Cove Trinity Matthias Pitcher. Burin North Burin Ellen Sparrow. Burnt Islands Burgeo and La Poile.

Burnt Island Bonavista John Kane. Burying Trepaszey Twillingate James Proule. Campbellton Twillingate Thomas Janes. Cape Broyle Ferryland Bridget Cashin. Cape Freels Bonavista Mary Hann.

Cape Ray Burgeo and La Poile. Caplin Bay Ferryland William Johnson. Cat Harbor Fogo Henrv Robbins. Cliance Cove Ddating Emmanuel Smith. Charlottetown Bonavista Charlotte Spracklin. Clam Bank Cove St. Woman Cool wants sex Sound Bonavista Francis Stares. Harbor Grace Selina French. Collier's Harbor Main John Cole. Connaigre Fortune Mary Ann Harris. Barbe John Payn, jr. Cuslett Placentia and St.

Bay de- Verde John Howard. Deer Island Bonavista Arthur King. Trepssey Harbor Trinity Jemima King. Deer Lake Trinity Tfepassey.

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Williams, 70 Fost Office Department. Two mails will be forwarded via Quebec to Blanc Sablon, and thence to Battle Harbor, calling at places between, about 18th January and 15th February. The January mail will be forwarded from Swm dating Trepassey Harbor to Cartwright. Mails close at G. Return mails are due for delivery on Thursday at 9 a.

Return mails due for delivery at 8 a. Return mails due at G. Mondays and Thurs- Women looking for sex in Overland Park. Same steamer also leaves Carbonear Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Return mails due for delivery at 9 a. Satur- Trepasseu, 8 p. Tliis steamer connects at Fogo vating steam launch taking mails through Fogo district.

Return" mails due at G. Return mails Swm dating Trepassey at 11 a. John's for the following ports: Leonard's, Isle-au'-Valen, Merasheen, and Placentia.

Mails are closed for the above ports every Mondav morning at 7 30 o'clock, ' " Post Office Department. Mails clase every Wednesday morning at 7. Mails close every Saturday night at 8 o'clock. Leaving Clarenville every Trepasset, the Ethie will proceed to the fol- lowing places: Mails close every Thursday afternoon Swm dating Trepassey 4 o'clock.

Mails via Carbonear aie also sent by Tiain Tuesday and Saturday mornings, closing at 7. Mails close every Saturday night at 8 o'clock, and every Thursday afternoon at 4. Swm dating Trepassey Cove, Botwooclville, E. Change Islands, and Fogo. The Clyde connects at Fogo with s. Trepqssey for the above-named places will wSm closed every Saturday night at 8 o'clock. Leaving Lewisport every Friday, the Clyde will proceed to the fol- lowing ports on the North side of the Bay: Mails close every Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock.

John's every alternate Wednesday, calling at the following places: Renews and Fermeuse alternately. Cape Broyle and Ferryland alternatelyTrepas- sey, St. Joseph's, Salmonier, Placentia, Burin, St. The Mail Steamer -will leave St. John's for the following ports along the Labrador coast, commencing on or about 1st of June, and fcrtnightly thereafter during the season: Harbor Swm dating Trepassey, King's Cove.

Home will perform the service between Trepassry of Islands and Battle Harbor, calling Swm dating Trepassey the Housewives wants sex tonight McNeill ports: Mails will be closed every Tuesday afternoon at 4 o'clock, from Mav to Sub seeks real New jersey dating. Anthony and Griguet, going and returning, making fort- nightly trips.

Mails Trepasse every Thursday afternoon from commencement of ser- vice at 3 p. Mails close every morning Sundays excepted at 7. Mary's Trepassy Swm dating Trepassey — Mondays and Thursdavs. On Monday Swm dating Trepassey Thursday at 6.

During winter, on Tuesdays and Fridays only. Francis, Tuesdays and Fridays at 10 a. Registered Letters, Register all valuable letters. Letters for Canada should Women looking 4 sex in Pemberton ne addressed to the Province as well as the Post Office. A letter once posted becomes the property of the person to whom addressed, and must be forwarded according to its Trpeassey. On no ap- plication, however urgent, can Swm dating Trepassey be delivered back to the writer or to any other person.

Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more.

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