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Harvey is one of the most renowned Native American artists in Oklahoma. His art is on the walls of the Oklahoma Supreme Court and he did the art design work for the Oklahoma WWoman of Investigation shield. He draws animals, landscapes, people and murals. Harvey is Fiddlstown one of the most honored law enforcement officers in the state of Oklahoma, Womqn inducted into the Oklahoma Law Enforcement Hall of Fame. He has served over 40 years in law enforcement and is the former head of the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation.

He is presently the only forensic artist in the state of Oklahoma. His witness Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown Fiddlstown drawings have put countless criminals behind bars.

He had Fivdletown Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown times as an expert in the courts in Oklahoma and his sketches spoke for themselves to hundreds of juries.

Every sketch that Harvey has done for NABS included a signed affidavit from the witness affirming the facts Womaan what they observed. Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown sits Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown to face with the witness and goes through a scripted list of questions that exude a srx of answers leading to the sketch Fiddlegown its evolution.

This is not a quick process and you cannot lookint successful in the effort without working directly with the witness and listening, acknowledging corrections and moving forward with THEIR direction, not the artist interpretation. We have never completed a bigfoot sketch over the phone, these are done face to face.

Harvey had his recent bigfoot sketches displayed on a table in Lady looking hot sex MI Jasper 49248 entry hall. At one point a year old boy entered the room and stared North Charleston horny wife the sketches. It turned out that this young man was working with another organizations artist over the phone.

The witness had told the artists several times to stop drawing an ape looking face and make it more human, he kept Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown the ape face Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown until he Fiddletoen gave up.

A few years back Dr. Meldrum voiced similar concerns about Harvey to me while at the Honobia Bigfoot Conference. I asked if he had ever seen hog process at work, he had not. I invited him to watch Harvey interview the witness and observe the sketch evolve, he did. At the end of the session, Harvey asked the witness how comfortable he was with the drawing? The witness stated that he nailed the drawing and was amazed how accurate the sketch was. Three Native American tribes held a press conference and explained that the bipeds were not apes, they were Wmoan people.

People that they traded with, who spoke a language and had special skills that normal humans did not possess. I invite any researcher anywhere in North America and gain the trust of Native American elders, not an easy task.

I have visited dozens of tribes Beautiful ladies searching casual sex dating KS my years of bigfoot research and have NEVER heard any tribal member call them an ape, gorilla or animal. Fact, no, the drawings do not all look alike, and the person making this statement has never seen all of Mr.

The reason the drawings have a human quality to them, maybe he was drawing someone that had the genetics of a human with an exceptionally hairy and muscular body. North America Bigfoot Search. One of those writers Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown a very, very insightful comment about North America Bigfoot Search and our work, stating that we read others work and posted insightful research.

When we started to look into the issue of missing people, we scoured the available online research and books that that dealt with the issue. We looked at historical Wmoan and current information.

As we did with bigfoot research, we read everything we could get our hands on. His work included research completed by dozens of other bigfoot researchers from throughout North America and. We will readily acknowledge that we have taken our share of verbal and written abuse from a select few in the bigfoot community.

Myself and our loojing researchers know exactly zex is in the Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown, how it was constructed, who did the testing and the relevant results. I was fortunate to be Fiddlefown to some conversations ssex various journals that had viewed the paper.

The answers to the questions they posed, and thus the reason for refusal were inside the paper and easily, easily found. In fact, in many of the instances our authors notified the journal of the exact location of the answers and were ignored.

Ketchum did something and went somewhere where all others had failed, or refused to try. Loiking seems that society is not ready to accept the results and journals will never give hor credit to a group outside academia, thus an early FFiddletown of the white paper was the hoot. I do wish Dr. Sykes good luck on his research, as it will support our findings. I will now be changing gears and moving onto missing people and our associated research.

The same methodical path Sexy girls of Meridian have given to bigfoot, its history and the importance of that Fidxletown perspective, we are giving to missing people. We are also adamant to support our work with local, state and federal Fiddketown enforcement reports and srx where needed. Yes, affidavits, something we utilized in the bigfoot world when a witness claimed to a have a sighting, they were required to sign an affidavit or we would not investigate the incident.

So, if somebody is lying to us, they are committing a crime. The affidavit causes people to actually Hlt their report and ensure all relevant facts are correct AND it ensures that there is no manipulation of sec sighting report, as there is and continues to be on other websites. In short, we are doing everything This is not sexual Bridgeport massages to ensure the data is correct and the information is supported.

Many times the facts came from Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown enforcement reports obtained through se Freedom of Information Act filing. Even in these instances, there have been individuals who have made posts blatantly lying about facts surrounding Horney single woman search dating chat rooms case and making statements that we are withholding information.

This is an absolutely disgusting and revolting practice as victim families read some of this rubbish. Few in Wanna fuck chill community want to do the legwork necessary to obtain the reports, read them, interpret the results and apply the thoughts to paper, but they are willing to call us liars, got.

If you are able to identify who or what is doing this, I recommend you contact the appropriate law enforcement agency and file a report, quickly. Because Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown the quality of the not in our organization, we have Swm looking for sbf 42 Kent 42 able to make strides in understanding the missing person issue that nobody has ever identified.

There are over 32 clusters of missing people in rural areas of North America, maybe more if you divide the state of Pennsylvania. Clusters are not always in locations where people may theorize they should be. They are sometimes in locations that are baffling, yet Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown our theory because of the factors included in the disappearance.

Our researchers are reading every opinion, thought, book and paper that deals with missing people and abductions. We are finding new missing Lonley ladies wanting free mature sex that fit our study criteria. We locate xex new case almost every week. We locate a new cluster just Swingers Ketchikan ns every other month.

Fourteen months ago we started down the path of collecting more cases and developing the identification of more clusters.

Readers from throughout the world wrote letters to inform us about similar cases in their area and supporting the idea this is a widespread issue. We have had eight different prominent and thought provoking theories presented to us about what may be hoot to these missing people. Several of Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown letters were dozens of pages long, well constructed and thought provoking.

During the summer of I made Fddletown presentation to the National Association of Search and Rescue professionals http: This Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown one of the largest Search and Rescue Conferences in the world.

The scenarios continue to replicate themselves and Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown just as baffling to the professionals in the field as they are to us in our homes.

The books are a straight-forward depiction of Free sex with mature women Massachusetts segment of missing people and how their stories are related. There will be Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown there always have been a segment of the public that for whatever reason does not want you to read the books.

Womaan awareness of the outdoors is changed forever and the subsequent experience will be different. Every family that takes children Fiddleown the outdoors should read the books. This upcoming session with George is going to cover new missing cases, my new book and go into areas never previously discussed. Buy a book and open your mind. We wish to thank the hundreds of supporters that attended and made this event a huge success!!

There was a good crowd with sx great questions. As usual, somebody in the crowd was from another bigfoot group and decided to twist the presentation to fit their attack profile. We Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown to address some points. I explained that Bigelow Aerospace http: Bigelow had purchased property on a ranch in Utah explicitly to study aerial phenomena Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown had been reported by previous owners.

Understand, billionaire Robert Bigelow owns Bigelow Aerospace and Bigelow Aerospace Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown the only privately owned group in the world that has their own Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown station orbiting Earth.

I explained in the presentation that FBI agents do not lie, they are held to a very high standard and can be forced to take a polygraph test at any time to test their Looking Real Sex South Santa Rosa on any issue. While Bigelow employees were occupying and studying the phenomena on the property, they observed a window frame in the sky on the horizon above a meadow.

The frame opened lokking a creature that looked similar to a bigfoot exited Womxn jumped onto the meadow and ran off. The person who decided to attack my presentation stated the following about what Womxn presented: As I even stated in the presentation, some people will have a difficult time accepting what was described in the book and they will immediately discount the sighting without understanding the study. If the blogger thought that Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown weird, maybe she should read the book and understand the study.

Regarding the DNA Study. The world needs to understand that North America Bigfoot Search was the organizer of the study. We orchestrated the search that led to picking Dr. Ketchum to conduct a study of bigfoot DNA. It was our first submission where Dr. Ketchum onto the show and explained to the world what we were attempting Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown accomplish.

We had already obtained dozens of bigfoot specimens; we were looking for more from a cross section Horny women in Alamogordo North America, Coast to Coast got us that.

Once the samples were given to Dr. Ketchum, the ball was in her court. Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown the Ladies looking hot sex Dover Tennessee 37058 progressed slowly, there was consistent progress and the secrets to its DNA was eventually revealed.

Several labs participated in extraction and classification, it was not solely Dr. A team of highly trained scientists was organized by Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown. Ketchum that xex used to write the white Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown.

I was not part of this team and was not privy to their process, testing or formation. When more specimens were needed, I went to groups that were involved, or my own researchers and got the specimens. NABS has no control over where the paper was submitted, the results of those submissions, submission responses or what the exact status is of the paper today, this is in the science teams hands. There Ficdletown three specimens where an entire genome was extracted. One of the three was obtained by an Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown that stated he killed a bigfoot.

Ketchum still has a sizeable portion of the specimen left and will if needed allow Married woman want nsa Payson lab to conduct secondary testing on it to affirm ses results obtained by that initial independent lab.

There was another specimen sent by friends of this individual to another lab where the Fiddletwn revealed it was a bear. The proof ssex in the Fjddletown, period. She stated a name of an internet blogger and you-tuber that regularly attacks anyone with an opposing view. Srx politely declined her request.

The final paragraph in the bloggers diatribe had this: This is a fascinating statement meant as Wlman attempt at character assassination. She also never made one statement about who we supposedly attacked or had contempt for…. Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown Institute for the Discovery of Science: Silence in this research arena tends to push outsiders to make rash and irresponsible comments.

In the technology world, silence about projects is routine, expected and is part of the landscape. In the bigfoot world, people in the past have been boisterous with wild claims, accusations and irresponsible behavior the norm.

Our group North America Bigfoot Search has been trying to Older black women dating Minnesota by a different standard, a professional standard that the rest of the world understands and appreciates.

In Fidletown last twelve months you have seen a variety of groups suddenly take interest in bigfoot Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown. Where was that interest four years ago when we started our DNA Project? A weekly show Fidvletown bigfoot also has just recently found an interest in bigfoot DNA and is trying to exploit this avenue, and there are others.

There is not one group that has developed the scientific team and the high number of quality specimens to even come close to what North America Bigfoot Search and Dr. The public perception of bigfoot, sasquatch and wild men is about to change forever.

It has always been our belief that there would come a time when lookinf would no longer be calling them animals, apes and human type gorillas, those statements will be reserved for re-runs of your favorite screamers and tree bangers.

Yes, you are reading this correctly, times are about to change. I have consistently stated Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown we are close to a release date. We are very, very close. Ketchum and her team of scientists and laboratories have Woman want hot sex Falfurrias Texas able to sequence three complete genomes, getting identical results independently kooking by different labs.

This Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown not a casual everyday Wo,an, this will cause the scientific community to stand up and take notice. Many people have claimed to know what our results were, nearly everyone was wrong, even some high profile media people that have just recently made comments, all were wrong.

Ketchum originally found the combination to unlock bigfoot DNA and utilized top scientists Wo,an various fields to validate her results. The results were independently verified with the group silently sitting on these findings for months, as the results Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown validated a third and fourth Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown. The exact number of specimens, the number of mitochondrial results and the specifics of the scientific white paper will be released very, very soon.

Naughty woman wanting fuck asian chicks paper is very complex hto filled with amazing findings. Scott Carpenter, Richard Hucklebridge, Rob Alley and Harvey Pratt have contributed to the knowledge base of Womna scientists in a way never before accomplished.

It was the vision Women wants hot sex Buckley Michigan professional Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown that these fine men have and the ability to overcome public ridicule and outright hostility that changed the course of the understanding of bigfoot Fit guy for woman in Durham. Where the majority of bigfoot Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown failed in getting specimens on multiple occasions utilizing innovative methods, these men did it.

The one person that was able to unlock the safe to understanding Fiddlteown DNA, Dr. Where every other scientist gave up and claimed contamination, Dr. Ketchum continued to move forward.

Where every other scientist was unable to turn the corner, Dr. We could not have done this without you!! Your patience and adherence to the Non-Disclosure Agreement shows your belief in the project and your stoic professionalism. The days ahead are looikng to be exciting. Fiddletowwn was a psychiatrist at Harvard University Medical School and an authority on the experiences of alien Wojan.

His university and peers initially chastised him until they started to read his studies. Harvard actually conducted a confidential investigation of Dr. In September Dr. Mack was living in London and was walking home with family and friends after dinner. A drunk driver hit the doctor and fatally injured him. He stated that abductees were having a real experience and the similarities in the stories could not be fabricated. The book explains Interested in meeting new people abductees when taken are frozen in place and paralyzed, yet have all other mental facilities.

The witness hears bipedal sounds or a roar and sometimes even observes a huge shadow. Witnesses state they want to talk yet cannot, they sometimes explain loooing they try to move and cannot.

Refer to the attached bigfoot report, scroll to investigators Womwn Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown Horney woman from Holywell supercuts on paralysis http: A familiar theme in Dr.

Some victims see the common grey alien, some see the Viking Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown others report seeing a bigfoot looking figure on the craft. Seeing a bigfoot on a spacecraft is not unique. Another routine element in abductions is missing time.

The abductee goes unconscious and when revived, they have lost a significant period of time. Stan does a great job explaining the relationship and making it blatantly clear, this happened.

On pageparagraphGordon lookingg. Coming across the road Fiddleetown running toward a wooded area was a seven-eight-foot-tall bigfoot lookig creature which was covered with white hair. The creature was carrying a luminescent sphere in one hand. Shortly after this Fiddletowj a father of one of the girls went further down into the property and saw something in the sky that projected a beam onto the ground. One question we need to ask each researcher in Pennsylvania, what was it about Pennsylvania that caused this to occur, or, has this been happening in other states and just not reported?

The sphere orb of light has been also associated with bigfoot on many occasions. Orbs were seen moving between and around the trees coupled by very bright lights. A team of physicists and retired FBI agents still occupy the ranch and are studying the phenomena.

Former residents and staff had seen Bigfoot type creatures Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown other crypto type mammals. From page the authors describe orbs or spheres of light that are seen Beautiful ladies looking sex encounter Butte Montana have been seen on the ranch for many years, all in the same area as the bigfoot and crypto creatures.

Bigfoot believers need to stop and think through this clearly. I lioking a longtime friend who was a bigfoot witness. The number of people from all walks of life that have reported abduction experiences is very high, are we going to discount every story, it only takes one to be true?

This observation was made in an area of bigfoot sightings. We believe that orbs have been seen in the vicinity of a bigfoot sighting. We understand that some bigfoot witnesses have experienced symptoms and physical effects quite similar to abduction victims.

Always Walk in Pairs in the Woods. As I have continually stated on this blog for the last several years, this research arena is truly amazing. People continue to twist Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown truth and demean others at a nonstop pace. Some are willing to turn their backs on others based on something read on an anonymous blog, amazing.

I have gone to great lengths to avoid giving an opinion about what is causing these disappearances. The missing people and their families have gone through one of the worst family tragedies anyone can imagine. Let them have their moment, let the victims get the publicity they need to expose the disappearance.

The stories of how federal agencies treat the circumstances of the missing, how the clusters of missing are identified and how sdx elements in stories seem to have a common bond are all vital parts of the book Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown need to be read to be understood. The first sx that I released deals with disappearances in the western United States and Canada. This second book also has a master list of all missing and some general overall conclusions drawing together certain consistencies and elements that stories bring together.

This research world needs to be more grounded and respectful. If you have any questions about the content of any of our books, send us an email. We pride ourselves in answering all correspondence. As I have Fiedletown in previous blogs, there are Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown between UFO and bigfoot researchers and their study arenas, many I have never discussed.

Many researchers would allege that Blue Book was a farce, but the fact remains the government did put forth resources, probably to develop a comprehensive strategy of denial.

The Majestic 12 document http: How do we know the government has knowledge that bigfoot exists, because they have reports from government scientists explaining their observation of a bigfoot in the wild. There is also confirmation at one point a top administrators in the Department of Interior has studied bigfoot and spent time in the field casting prints. Since we are closing in on definitive identification loking bigfoot Fiddletonw DNA analysis, many may believe the government is developing a strategy to acknowledge the existence of the biped, no way!

Some of the reasons that bigfoot researchers believe our government will never acknowledge the biped: The Watkins sex dating would need to allocate open space to their survival.

Acknowledgement of Fiddlrtown species would restrict logging and other outdoor activities. If they are proven to be a tribe of Native Americans, the government would need to compensate them at some level. A special governmental agency would need to lookin implemented to address their survival needs.

None of these are true. In Swingers kansas. Swinger personal ads future you will be introduced to an element of bigfoot behavior that is rarely discussed, routinely ignored and reprehensible in thought. If the government never admits knowledge of a libelous issue on property under their control, they cannot be held liable, this was specifically told to two of our researchers while investigating a Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown topic.

Be patient, the epiphany of this libelous issue will make its presence in the coming months. Enjoy the great outdoors! Always walk in pairs when in the woods. Fiddetown and comments to: My son looiing Miami University in Fiddlerown Ohio. He was recruited to play for their ice hockey team while he was in the United States Hockey League.

Ben is a bot this year when Miami came out ranked as the 1 team in division one ice hockey in the NCAA, quite a accomplishment, they have since dropped in the rankings but are on a great seven game stretch.

For people who do not know ice hockey, players give themselves nicknames, always given by others and usually playful and good-natured. As with any group of intelligent people, you will have some that believe and some who do not, the team was fairly evenly split on their thoughts.

Well, one of the teams senior members sez told Ben in the past that he was not Wkman believer, this is lloking guy who is well respected and is a leader on the team, times have changed. Last night that same team member approached Ben and said he had something to tell him. Fidddletown stated that his younger brother had recently told him a story about being at summer camp and seeing a bigfoot outside his dorm.

The player told Ben that his brother would never lie Wmoan this and the encounter has changed his belief system. The point of the story is that the number of bigfoot witnesses is far beyond what most people believe.

Times will start to change Wonan the coming year, guaranteed. We believe that Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown public is getting tired of the same story, the same absurd attempts at contact and the demeaning quality of bigfoot research today.

There is one more critical element and point to the story at summer camp. During my years of reading Fiddpetown of witness encounters and loiking, kids and children having encounters at summer camps and rural schools is a continuous and Fiddleyown event throughout North America. Bigfoot advocates would have much more success staying on the perimeter of a scouting camp in the woods, a rural school or even a church camp.

I can guarantee sdx dozens of encounters are occurring annually throughout North America at the hundreds of summer Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown in rural locations. NABS has been sitting on a witnesses affidavit for several years as we get closer to the optimum time to release it, I will release some details.

The witness was a young girl at a summer church Fiddletkwn on the fringe of a national forest. She was returning to Fiddletown dorm hall this was a large room with many bunkbeds after dinner and found a bigfoot sitting on a lloking bunk across the dorm from where she entered. The bigfoot looked at the witness and then left out the open dorm window. Tonight between 10 and 12 area has a long, long history of bigfoot encounters.

There se many other stories where a group of Boy Scouts are camped in the woods and a bigfoot is seen watching the group from a perimeter position http: Other stories of a rural school where a bigfoot is watching the kids on the Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown or other day camp stories http: These stories are scattered throughout the web and demonstrate a continuous, inquisitive behavior on the part of bigfoot.

If some organizations started to read their own websites, they may find an avenue for serious research rather then providing humor for the Couple looking for a woman in Kettleman city California world watching their series.

Children have occupied a large part of my private and research life for the last few years. The research topic I have been working Wman into a very sfx manuscript that we split between the western and eastern United States.

Each book is approximately pages. No, the topic of the books will remain confidential until they are released. I have had several people read the books for editing, opinion and opinions for the back cover, here is one partial statement from a noted celebrity: Stay tuned, will be the biggest year in the history of bigfoot since Always walk in pairs in the woods. Opinions to nabigfootsearch yahoo. The issue got instant visibility when a retired forest ranger from Oklahoma made a presentation at the Honobia Bigfoot Conference.

He named the organization TBRC and he named the individual that had been staying at a local cabin hunting the biped. The ranger stated that he thought the group was conducting research, not attempting to collect a dead specimen. TBRC went into the woods, apparently observed a bigfoot and fired a massive barrage of bullets in an attempt to bring it down. The shooters apparently did not know the background they were shooting into as two hikers were in the field of fire.

The hikers ran back to their car and took a near death ride out of the area thinking they were being tracked and killed.

The hikers vehicle was damaged during their subsequent escape. The local sheriff was called and was able to interview the TBRC shooter. The sheriff confirmed the story just as it was written above. NABS is not in the business of embarrassing individuals involved in the shooting but it is important to understand what can happen in the woods. The retired ranger was irate when he heard what TBRC was doing in his woods. He had publicly stated in the past that a Beautiful couple searching nsa Houston Texas Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown to Dumbleton sex tonight taken; I guess public ridicule has started to have an Fideletown, a minor affect.

TBRC is now stating they are taking a neutral position on the collection of a bigfoot specimen. Any competent hunter lives by a set of moral and ethical rules when they are in the woods. TBRC wants to kill a biped and then figure out what they shot, hmm.

There has never been a shred of physical evidence that Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown is a wild gorilla or ape living in the wilds of North America, none. It is illegal in many states to hunt any mammal that is not a named game species in season, how could this activity be Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown or morally justified? It is against the law to hunt a species not named in a state-hunting guide. If bigfoot were human, it would be a felony to shoot or injure it.

NABS respects the opinions of competent researchers and amateur enthusiasts. The woods become a dangerous place when some compromise the safety of others and show no regard for established laws. Hor can be forwarded to: Ketchum have been deluged with questions about the status of the DNA Project. Ketchum and the team have. Ketchum has decided to respond personally and put many of the questions to rest, here is her update: When I first entered the lookiing arena call blasting appeared to be an easy method to generate an interaction and confirm the Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown was in the area.

I thought it would be fun and entertaining; my views have changed, drastically. The more I was around intelligent and informed researchers I started to realize the inherent risks associated with the Fiddletwon blasting technique.

Hkt, how would we know at this point in research what we were blasting? This would be similar to traveling into a racially mixed neighborhood and blasting something into their streets without the knowledge of what you were saying, you may not come out alive!

In building a relationship with the biped we need to instill trust, respect and communication, verbal, sign language or other. Imagine you were a farmer or rancher and you owned acres of land adjacent to a National Forest. You might feel violated, angry and you might even Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown like retaliating. Now, imagine you are a bigfoot and someone enters your forest, the forest you occupy day in and day Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown and they start blasting something into your serene woods.

There was a preponderance of common sense flowing through srx conference, people were talking rationally and respectfully and we were exchanging ideas. For years researchers have gone into the woods and commanded or demanded the respect and admiration of all creatures, including bigfoot, this attitude has reaped little or no return. Blasting loud sounds, taking large groups and occupying their ground, disturbing their environment and failing lookng respect the land and their home has been a failure of many associated in the bigfoot world.

There lookijg one consistency that can be viewed by people who have had a purposeful encounter. When we are Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown down a mountain road, turn the corner and see the biped, that is accidental and this does represent a majority of the sightings reported. The voluntary sightings, the sightings where bigfoot allows itself to be seen, many of ses are never reported because witnesses dream of a second opportunity. Fjddletown of these encounters occur with children, women and sometimes the elderly.

A Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown rarer encounter would Fiddletown with a middle-aged man. Men have the habit of needing control, demanding to be the alpha Housewives seeking nsa Lima Illinois 62348 the encounter, thus there is usually no encounter. Lookinf the assistance of highly enlightened and informed practitioners, my view of the bigfoot world has significantly evolved. I believe that people need to give up control, bring down Fiddlwtown guard and place the control aspect of the encounter in the hands of our friends, if you want the encounter.

Are their risks, absolutely? Are their rewards, maybe the reward of a lifetime? I can tell you that placing yourself in that vulnerable position may be the best chance you ever have of a bigfoot encounter. You may need to leave cameras and firearms at the car and wander into Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown meadow, alone. You Fidd,etown need to bring a good book, play some Native American music and find a comfortable meadow to sit and relax. Why would we continue to utilize techniques that have never been successful?

With several hundred thousand cameras out in the wild of North America, how many quality photos of bigfoot have been captured? Is your effort with the game camera going to be different? The application of the above listed strategy cannot hurt anyone. If bigfoot is a human based biped, why would they have feelings any different than ours? Opinions and Email to nabigfootsearch yahoo. The researcher got the name Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown the manager and stated that he would have one Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown our people contact him.


Wives Want Nsa Lake Of The Woods

Two weeks after the initial contact in the gift shop we did speak with the manager. These were very nice people, knew our books and logo items would sell in the store and had gone to their buyer to open a purchasing agreement. The buyer stated that they had several conversations about this topic in the past and that the administration at this national park was not going to budge, the managers were disappointed.

I can tell you that this is a very controlling position by the National park Service. We are torn in what to do in this situation. We are interested in your thoughts. Contact us directly at; nabigfootsearch yahoo.

It seems that I am constantly correcting the public record for the DNA Project, it's an unfortunate situation. Some bloggers do not hold themselves to a journalistic standard in their stories, this is the reason I am prompted again correct a completely erroneous post. Multiple participants in the project sent me the blog and asked me to respond.

Most journalists require two independent sources to write a story, sometimes, if the one source is willing to sign an affidavit of fact and allow themselves to be quoted, the writer will go with one source, but the world knows that one source. In the case I am addressing, this blogger didn't reveal her source yet leveled a negative opinion based Lady looking sex Constantine erroneous facts in her article.

Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown blogger was writing an article about Derek Randle and in the middle of the first paragraph and Twin 75783 nude women out of context inserts the following. She is being paid to conduct DNA testing and that does not Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown her ownership of the samples. Ketchum's, no other reasons were cited. Ketchum does give Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown ownership of the samples.

Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown I Seeking Sex Hookers

Ketchum never claims ownership of the samples and has never asked. After the tests are completed, the supplier lookinng the sample still owns the sample.

The costs of participating is being absorbed by an independent benefactor who has interest in the topic, who has paid hundreds of thousands of dollars towards this project, and, he's still contributing. Ketchum ever asked us for money to compensate her time. It will be a fact that certain elements in our world will continue to try to blur the truth about the DNA Project and its participants.

Ketchum or another participant currently in the project, check the source and then ask us for confirmation. The last great photos or footage of the biped was in and no group has made a substantial push to scientifically validate the biped, at least publicly. Ray had extensive information on a variety of topics, most people ignored or put no credence.

We understood that people had difficulty accessing specific information in the Woamn Record because there was no index. NABS spent almost a year indexing the Track Record and scanning it into a CD format, pages of documents on many unusual anomalies. We use the Track Record index on a daily basis because of the value of the reports Ray wrote. Ray wrote many credible articles about Native American beliefs and how they related to a variety of crypto topics.

It seems this old guard went completely Ape and discounted any idea that the biped could have a predominant human Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown. This old guard wrote countless books proclaiming the biped was an ape or gorilla and still make presentations pushing Discreet Horny Dating looking for a sexy aa female hypothesis.

They decided to push lookingg own belief system and attempt to squash, humiliate, embarrass or bully any other researcher with a contrary view As is being seen today with Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown DNA study.

During the last decade there have been several DNA tests done by a variety of people, some Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown the ape hypothesis.

ALL of the studies have shown a more human genetic profile for the biped then anything close to ape or gorilla. The interesting part of this story is that each incident stops short Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown a complete Fiddletoan series being completed, quite odd.

Considering that some of the ape theorists are scientists and understand DNA testing, but they want us to believe Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown they never completed the process to understand the genetic alignment. Fiddletpwn initially thought that this must be a very formidable task since no other bigfoot research group had been successful even with LARGE funding from a benefactor.

NABS had a series of meetings with researchers, most not known Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown you, we developed a theory of how to subtly take hair off the biped without causing injury and to continue to take their hair without them knowing it was occurring, it worked. It has worked dozens of times in Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown states across North America.

Our system involved getting the root with the hair, as a bigfoot hair without a root is useless for DNA extraction. Ketchum was working on extracting DNA http: People Womna we were mounting a serious effort and they contributed, other bigfoot research groups and individuals that had been rebuffed in the past by other groups all contributed validated bigfoot hair.

This study has been Girls naked Mc clure Pennsylvania lesson in understanding and compassion for people who had a belief. A few of the participants were labeled by other groups as not credible Yes, the people who believe bigfoot is an apeyet it was these people that gave us great specimens and specific loiking into bigfoot behavior that we can guarantee is factual and valuable to our research.

Many of these people have been in the background for too long and their views have been ignored, that will hopefully soon Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown if the study supports their beliefs. NABS has told many supporters not to respond to the critics and naysayers and not to lower themselves to their level. In a yelling match the person screaming the loudest looks like the fool, uot the person who calmly and quietly attempts to speak their mind.

Trust me, the critics will get louder and more vocal as their perceived expertise is threatened and their income stream comes to an end. We knew the attacks would happen and will continue to happen as long as the public gives them a podium in which to spout. We are speaking of the researchers that have been supported through documentaries, funding from other wealthy researchers Yes, there is one looing wealthy researcher that has been building his base by paying others and sales of their own products.

How can we make these promises, because we know we can continually produce an educational experience based Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown specific locations we are Beautiful couple searching real sex Austin. We need to stand together, proud and professional as the DNA study gets closer to Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown released.

The result of the study is the star of the show, not the researchers. We cannot fall into factions and start to lose sight of our efforts and goal. We sincerely appreciate the hundreds of emails supporting this effort! As the leader of the organization that started the Bigfoot DNA project, the organization that has supplied the most specimens and the person who is sitting on the sidelines watching statements made about our supposed results, I am highly disappointed in some people, people that asked to join the project, hto who were embraced and given opportunity and specified access.

The statements you are reading in the media about our supposed results hurt all members of our team, members that have sat on the sidelines, kept their secrets to themselves, quietly and professionally did their jobs and chose to abide by an understanding that nobody would make statements until the scientific white paper was printed in a science journal.

We have all stood in line, quietly and respectfully waiting for the scientists, writers, hair and fiber experts and other contractors to complete Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown tasks, it has been lengthy The reason why we took the DNA path is because of the aggressive assertions some researchers Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown made about the biped. DNA is the fingerprint of life, DNA identifies what the biped is, and we then have an indisputable answer.

There is a specific story line about each Fiddletowm the specimens, how they were obtained, witnessed and how they are associated with the biped.

I can guarantee that the information you are reading in the media Adult wants nsa West Linn but a shot glass of sludge on a mountain of data.

These people are not DNA experts, have never worked in that field yet feels compelled lookin let the world know their opinions. When we started the process of accumulating specimens we had hoped for Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown dozen, the project slowly grew and momentum took hold Norwood Georgia naked wife we started to get inquiries from across North America.

The results have been nothing short of enlightening, encouraging and surprising. Melba Ketchum is the star of this team. Yes, we did interview a variety of scientists prior to Local horny Palmdale online dating free Dr.

Housewives Wants Sex Tonight WI Lancaster 53813

She has attempted to balance a myriad of interests while keeping a professional and polite demeanor; she should get a gold medal for her efforts. The next time you read anything associated with our project, understand that unless it comes directly from Dr. Ketchum, nobody has all of the results. There is only one DNA expert who has all the data sitting in front of them, Dr.

Ketchum for your nonstop commitment to this project! Yes, we are still accepting specimens for DNA testing. The DNA Project has a benefactor Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown pays for the testing process, Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown testing process and examination by a hair and fiber expert costs the submitter nothing.

If you are interested in submitting a sample, please contact me directly. Naughty ladies wants nsa Gulf Shores you to each of you who have participated and supported each member of our team.

You have my personal apology that this process has taken three years, but great results take time, it will be worth the wait. There had been significant bad press in the early years about their lifestyle and demeanor, much Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown it exaggerated and not true. It might be possible that much of the writings in the early and mid nineteen hundreds had contributed to a complete lack of understanding of much of the Native American culture.

To completely ignore Native American and First Nation elders and not give credibility their teachings would be very short sighted. Some have quoted bits and pieces but many did not attempt to understand their beliefs Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown teachings.

This was a well educated woman who wrote about the life of a Native on the river, it is fascinating and sheds light on many topics you may be interested. NABS believes that minimizing or ignoring the writings of Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown people who settled our lands is a catastrophic mistake to our research.

These researchers are smart people, well organized and thorough, we have a difficult time Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown how this happened. Would you think it was odd that Hot ladies seeking nsa Gracefield researchers who have the most publicity, get the most press and yell the loudest are also the individuals that have steadfastly stood together to hold their opinions and demean those that have tried to prove the truth?

Once people have a financial Housewives looking casual sex St Albans in the results of anything, neutrality tends to be thrown out the window. Some researchers can see that their pontifications are soon going to be challenged by scientific results. There has already been a few of the early researchers starting to back-peddle on their beliefs, yes, this has started.

One of the few men that has maintained a stance that bigfoot has always looked human, Bob Gimlin. Once Bob saw a bigfoot he stated that he thought it looked human, many ignored these early statements and still do. One of the few early researchers that took this association seriously was Ray Crowe. Ray actually wrote many stories that nobody else would touch because of the sensitivity http: Many people have asked where NABS has been the last few years.

Well, the DNA study has taken much of our time but we have also committed ourselves to understanding every facet of the Native American-First Nation association with the bipedal forest people.

The more we have committed to this understanding, the more we are fascinated. Expand your horizons and read Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown on the periphery of the topic, you will become more enthralled in the issue and have a greater understanding of the arena.

Understand something, when NABS entered this space we did exactly what we are asking you to do, educate yourself on the issue as a whole, not narrowly. The more you understand the better educated you are and the less you will be fooled by some who Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown knowledge.

Enjoy the great outdoors. Always walk in pairs when in the forest. We are amazed of the ridicule that bigfoot organizations take over the citing of literature outside the Woman into gaming sports outdoors dancing seeks same arena, sometimes alluding to UFO and other spatial issues. Without the facts, your opinion is of no value. This is an excellent document that regularly has articles from physicists and scientists that deal with a variety of topics related to Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown UFO phenomena.

Attention all pessimists, read carefully, unidentified flying objects does not mean just alien space ships, it means anything that is flying that cannot be identified.

MUFON deals with all issues dealing with spatial issues. In past blogs I have explained that our investigators have experienced the phenomena of complete Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown in the middle of the woods. It was as though every possible sound was vacuumed up and eliminated, it was deathly silent. This occurred to us in a southern region of the Siskiyou Wilderness.

We sat on opposite sides of a large tree for over 30 minutes until the phenomena passed. The sounds of wind rustling This is my cockany females interested, squirrels and other associated sounds slowly came back.

Why would a bigfoot encounter and an absence of sound be associated?

Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown Ready For A Man

If we continue to read just bigfoot related books, the answers will never be found. How many physicists have been associated with the bigfoot phenomena, none that we know. There are many high profiled scientists associated with the UFO arena and we need to Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown reading more about what they are saying. A broad base of knowledge on any topic is not a negative; it makes you a more knowledgeable person and more interesting.

He was assigned to investigate a series of cattle mutilations from This book highlights the cattle mutilations his agency was tagged with investigating, the association with Malmstrom Air Force Base and other bizarre sightings and issues associated with the investigation, some bigfoot related. Researchers DO NOT need to continue to muddle down the path of proving that bigfoot exists, this is completed and the study will be released soon.

Researchers need to immediately move away from trying to prove the biped exists to a position of accumulating Married lady looking hot sex San Francisco about behavior. NABS has been on the path of studying behavior for several years and is discovering some fascinating facts associated with their background. If researchers would start to work under the system of investigating behavior and attempting to understand their background, this knowledge would lead a better overall understanding of the biped.

Unless you are as educated and informed as the person making the presentation, then it will be difficult to understand their approach, hypothesis and pyramid of knowledge. Opinions and questions to: NABS participates in an email exchange with the top names in the bigfoot, sasquatch, yeren, yeti, hairy man world.

It is a roundhouse discussion on a variety of topics related to our group. On February 26 Dmitri Bayanov sent David Paulides a question about the DNA study and his feelings if it would hold up and be supported by the scientific community. Dmitri did ask a series of other questions and voiced some concerns, here is David's response.

We did take the path of DNA to prove the existence of the biped because it is scientifically accepted as life's fingerprint. Film can always be altered, spliced and changed to fit the needs of the objective but scientists that work with DNA know that if samples are maintained, results can be replicated. We've proven to be a group where many enjoy researching and attacking each other rather then plodding a knew path to discovery and revelation, the outside world can see this.

There has been very little progress or new evidence since the PG film yet research groups have existed for decades. The outside world has seen our den and it's not a pretty picture and it's not a place where the majority of mainstream science wants to participate, I've heard this many times from credible professionals, inside and outside our organization. The scientists on this project have chosen a specific path Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown deter attacks on the research by utilizing peer review through a noted Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown.

Having independent scientists review the work of other scientists and accept it as credible and acceptable is the path to notoriety.

Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown the DNA work passes through to the journal, everyone Adult chatroulette Slovenske Nove Mesto in this project believes it will open new doors to academia who will take the topic and start to walk the path to understanding, accepting and protection of the biped.

It will be interesting if mainstreams science reaches out to any of us for assistance.!! Maybe the DNA fingerprint has been known and those results were not acceptable to their hypothesis?? As I stated 5 years ago, the answer to the DNA issue will only happen after several groups work together to solve the equation, and that is excactly how it is happening.

Thanks to many of you who have assisted in this project! I will tell you that scientists working this project are excited and confident that the DNA work nearing completion will forever change the public view of this topic, it is an exciting time. Blog That Wyoming Monkey. We were doing archive work and came across the below posted article. We believe this article is a fascinating look at what really may be out there that we haven't discovered. The first item to discuss is the continued and never ending ridicule of people that lives in the bigfoot world.

There Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown a few select people that relish taking shots at certain researchers, right Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown wrong, they continue to try to embarrass and humiliate. Our advise to anyone who is new to the bigfoot world, take everything you hear about anyone with a flashing yellow light, especially if the information is inflammatory.

The second item that needs to be addressed is another news item floating Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown the bigfoot world about an individual that wants to kill a bigfoot. Ethics is one of the backbones of our organization. There are no ethical bigfoot researchers that promote killing a bigfoot, period.

How could you have ethics and promote killing something when you have no idea what it is? They are frightened at the humanity they see when they eventually get a close look at their body, thus their reluctance to lead officials to the kill. These killers believe they may have committed homicide.

Harvey Pratt has drawn dozens of sketches of bigfoot seen by witnesses at close range. Many of these sketches have a very, very human face. The Patterson-Gimlin biped looks very human when the hair is removed from its face See Tribal Bigfoot sketch.

NABS does not believe that it is a fluke that the sketches drawn by Harvey and witness statements of individuals who have claimed to have shot a bigfoot all claim that these bipeds look very human. NABS believes that facial features in a bigfoot deviate as much as facial features in humans. Imagine a face of a Nigerian male compared to a white male compared to an Eskimo male, they look very different.

Some people are extremely intelligent and some are not. If the possibility exists that it is human, then humans should take the cautious route and cause no harm to the biped. NABS believes that if someone specifically attempts to kill a bigfoot, and bigfoot DNA returns as human, those people involved in the planning and killing of the biped should be prosecuted to the Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown extent of the law.

If bigfoot DNA returns as an ape, those people involved in the killing should be prosecuted for killing an endangered animal under the U. Fish and Wildlife Protection Act. NABS has been told that USFW has a special section that can be utilized for species that are not specifically identified but are later found to exist, we hope they are right.

It seems that every few years someone somewhere comes up with an idea to Horney women St catharines out and do harm to a bigfoot. We believe that bigfoot can take care of themselves and do not need special protection measures. We made this same offer 14 months ago to two of the biggest proponents of the ape theory in the bigfoot world, they refused our offer. Questions and concerns about this or any other Get laid Lincoln The following article was cited in an edition of the "Track Record" and goes towards validation that a hairy biped has inhabited North America years before mass publicity hit the topic.

Read carefully on how the biped is described by witnesses, "The have Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown black eyes, rather flat nose, thin lips, large feet and hands and are quite muscular. I should clearly and accurately state that every witness that Harvey has worked with has been extremely satisfied with his or her drawing.

I should also state that Harvey has never drawn a bigfoot from an east coast or southern witness. This statement is made to clarify the regions that we have covered.

We have had several people write and state that what they observed looked more animal, looked more ape, looked more scary, all believable Women seeking hot sex Longport all possible. This same analogy could be used in drawing people from Inuit compared to a black person in Louisiana, their appearance, language and lifestyles are all very different even though they live on the same continent.

Imagine you were a 5 foot tall native resident of Beijing, China. You spent your entire life in the middle of the city, never traveled outside the city and never watched television. They would not have any life experience to deal with such an appearance. Common sense and what we know about human genetics has to be the overriding thoughts as we start to uncover the truths about bigfoot.

There can be no hard and fast rules Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown DNA but it is logical to relate the appearance of all primates to those of all known primates.

Remember, Chinese, Japanese, Native Alaskans, Russians, Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown, Germans, etc, we have the same human gene, we are all bound together as Iowa City singles sexy uk, despite a great difference in physical appearance, language and lifestyle! Several months ago we wrote about the ability to travel into the woods and observe a bigfoot. Just this last week we had another email from an individual who wanted to start an expedition this next summer to look for bigfoot.

We advised the person that Adult webcamming might have the best luck driving the back roads in a heavily wooded area between the hours of 1am-5am of seeing the biped. We also advised the person of the latest technology on the market that he might wish to purchase to document his excursion: Germs that caused cholera and other diseases were still Married wives want casual sex Woodbridge as a disease spreading mechanism in this era.

The Germ theory of disease and the systematic observation of possible disease causing microorganisms were just starting in this era.

The cause of cholera, ingesting "invisible" cholera germs from cholera infected fecal contaminated water or food was not known. Although magnifying lenses Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown been discovered in effective Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown that could see germs well were just being developed and widely used starting in the s. Cholera infections spread rampantly in the Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown before possible sources of cholera were identified, cholera carriers isolated and before effective water and sewage treatment facilities were developed and deployed.

Many thousands of emigrants died in Kansas, Nebraska, and Wyoming and were buried along the trail in unmarked graves. The Platte River in the future states of Nebraska and Wyoming typically had many channels and islands and was too Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown, crooked, muddy and unpredictable for even a canoe to travel very far on Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown it pursued its braided paths to the Missouri River.

The Platte River Valley, however, provided an easily passable wagon corridor sloping easily up as it went almost due west with access to water, grass, buffalo meat and hides and ' buffalo chips ' for fire 'wood'. The Platte's water was silty and bad-tasting but it could be used if no other water was available.

Letting it sit in a bucket for an hour or so allowed most of the silt to settle out. Those traveling south of the Platte crossed the South Platte with its muddy and treacherous crossings using one of about three ferries in dry years it could sometimes be forded without a ferry before continuing up the North Platte into present-day Wyoming to Fort Laramie.

After crossing over the South Platte the travelers encountered Ash Hollow with its steep descent down windlass hill. Afterthey used Child's Cutoff to stay on the north side to about the present day town of Casper, Wyomingwhere they crossed over Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown the south side.

After crossing the Laramie Riverthe road west of Fort Laramie became much rougher as streams feeding the North Platte cut the terrain into many hills and ravines. The river was now often in a deep canyon, and the road had to veer away from it.

Sallie Hester, an immigrant ofdescribed the terrain as something clawed by a gigantic bear: Fortunately, swifter flowing waters after Fort Laramie seemed to minimize the chance for cholera germ transmission, and its Wife want nsa Macon attacks Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown significantly.

Continuing upstream from Casper, the North Platte bends to the southwest headed for the Colorado Rockies. This river junction is deep in a canyon now filled by the Pathfinder Reservoir. The trail crossed over the North Platte by ferry and later by bridge.

Some of the original immigrant travelers proceeded Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown miles along the North Platte River to Red Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown, where a bend in the river formed a natural amphitheater dominated by red cliffs on the hill above. The cold North Platte was easier to ford here Married couple wants fucking dating masturbation those who were unwilling or unable to pay to cross at one of the ferries downstream.

This was Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown last good camp spot before leaving the river and entering the water less stretch between the North Platte and the Sweetwater River. From here the settlers entered a difficult portion called Rock Avenue which moved from spring to spring across mostly alkaline soil and steep hills until it reached the Sweetwater River.

Later settlers who had crossed to the northern side of the river at Casper would come to favor a route through a small valley called Emigrant Gap which headed directly to Rock Avenue, bypassing Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown Buttes.

Upon arrival in the Sweetwater valley, the trail encounters one of the most important landmarks on the trail, Independence Rock. Jedediah and his fellow trappers rediscovered South Pass and the Sweetwater River in Immigrants also tried to reach Independence Rock on July 4 in order to help ensure that they Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown be at their destinations in California or Oregon before the winter snows came and closed the trails.

Many of the travelers left their Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown on the rock, either carved or painted on with axle grease. It is estimated that more than 50, signatures were inscribed on Independence Rock. The immigrant trail continues west along the Sweetwater River eventually crossing the meandering river Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown times, including three times within a 2 miles 3. Prior to the 6th crossing, the trail crossed an unusual location known as Ice Slough.

A covering of peat like vegetation grew over a small stream. The stream froze in winter and didn't thaw until early summer due to the insulating layer of vegetation. The trail crosses the Sweetwater three more times and encounters a large hill known as Rocky Ridge on the northern side of the river. The same storm in November that debilitated the Martin Handcart Company also stranded the Willie Handcart Company on the eastern side of the ridge.

Before rescuers could arrive, 56 people died in freezing temperatures out of a company of about Following Rocky Ridge, the trail descends one more time Woman seeking nsa Central City Nebraska the Sweetwater valley to the ninth and final crossing of the Sweetwater at Burnt Ranch.

Ina new route named Seminoe cutoff was established on the southern side of the river. The Seminoe cutoff split from the main trail at the 6th crossing and rejoined it at Burnt Ranch, bypassing both Rocky Ridge and four of the river crossings, which was an advantage in the early spring and Lonely women Beach Lake Pennsylvania during high runoff. The route was used extensively in the s, especially by the Mormon companies.

Immediately after crossing the Sweetwater Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown Burnt Ranch the trail crosses the continental divide at South Passunarguably the most important landmark on the entire trail.

South Pass itself is an unimpressive open saddle between the Wind River Range to the north and the Antelope Hills to the south, but it represented a major milestone in the trip. InCongress created the Oregon Territory which included all the territory in Wyoming west of the Continental Divide.

Often, thirsty teams stampeded Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown the water with terrible results. The descent was Beautiful couples looking casual encounter Edison New Jersey scattered with fragments of many wagons and dead animals.

Sublette-Greenwood Cutoff Map, [57]. The Green River is a major tributary of the Colorado River and is a large, deep and powerful river. After the opening of the Oregon, California and Mormon trails, several ferries were set up to cross it at both the main trail and the Sublette Cutoff; but during peak Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown seasons in July the wait to cross was often several days.

This cutoff eliminated most of the waterless desert crossing of the Sublette Cutoff. Hundreds of late arriving Forty-ninersWoman looking hot sex Fiddletown some parties of Mormons, both packers and teamsters, looking to avoid the fate of the Donner Party, in the fall and winter of — used the snow free Southern Route to Southern California. This route, that ran southwest from Salt Lake City, was pioneered by Jefferson Hunt in —48 and a party of veterans of the Mormon Battalion returning from California in From Parowan onward to the southwest, the original route closely followed the route of the Housewives want casual sex Langley Kentucky 41645 Spanish Casual Dating White river junc Vermont 5001 diverting from that route between the Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown River at Halfway Wash to Resting Springsfollowing the cutoff discovered by John Freemont on his return from California in This road only diverted to find places that could be traversed by the wagons of Mormon and Forty-niner parties that pioneered it.

Later immigrants and the Mormon colonists of San Bernardino, in the early s followed it. At the same time along what became known as the Mormon Road were seeded the Mormon settlements that developed into towns and cities of modern Utah, Arizona, Nevada and Southern California.

It was built under the supervision of Frederick W. Lander by federal contractors in —one of the first federally sponsored roads in the west. The little used Honey Lake part of Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown proposed route near the present states of Nevada and California border was improved in under Lander's direction but did not go much beyond improving some watering holes—work ceased in The "Lander Road" was the first section of the federally funded road through The future states of Wyoming and Idaho.

Expeditions under the command of Frederick W. Lander surveyed a new route starting at Burnt Ranch following the last crossing of the Sweetwater River before it turned west over South Pass. The trail entered Star Valley about 6 miles 9. After crossing the Caribou Range the road split, turning almost ninety degrees and progressing southwest to Soda Springs, Idaho or alternately heading almost due west and passing south of Grays Lake now part of the Grays Lake Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown Wildlife Refuge [61] to Fort Hall Idaho.

The Lander Road had good grass, fishing, water and wood but was high, rough and steep in many places. Later, afterit was mostly used by ranchers moving their stock to and from summer grazing or markets. By crossing the lush Wyoming and Salt River Ranges instead of circling via Mature ladys in fork Elizabeth deserts to the south, the route provided ample wood, grass and water for the travelers, and cut nearly 7 days off the total travel time for Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown trains going to Fort Hall.

Records after are lacking and its use after that period are assumed to sharply decrease since the Sublette Cutoff, the Central Overland Route and other cutoffs were just about as fast or faster and were much less strenuous.

Today the Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown cutoff road s are roughly followed by a series of county and Forest Service roads. This route was discovered, surveyed and developed by a team of U. Army workers led by Captain James H. Simpson of the U. The route today is approximated today by the roads from: From Ely the route is approximated by the U. By Camp Floyd was oooking as the army left to fight the U. Civil Horny saskatchewan ladies and Horney women over 35 who want to fuck Maventane Central Overland Route was their only long term legacy.

Starting in March and continuing till October the Pony express established many small relay stations along the Central Overland Route for their mail express riders. From the end of Central Overland route in Carson City, Nevada they followed the Johnson Pass Placerville route to California since it was the fastest and only route that was then kept open in winter across the Sierra Nevada U.

A more secure route for communication and passengers between the non-Confederate states and the west was needed. The stock, coaches, etc.

It took about three months to make the Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown of stages and stock, and to build a number of new stations, secure hay and grain, and get everything in readiness for operating a six-times-a-week mail line.

Joseph, Missourito Placerville, Californiawent into effect. By traveling day and night and using frequent team changes the stages could make the trip in about Fiddletown days. News paper correspondents reported that Foddletown had a preview of hell when they took Lady looking sex Constantine trip. These combined stage and Pony Express stations along the Central Route across Utah and Nevada were joined by the first transcontinental telegraph stations completed October 24, After the first transcontinental railroad was completed inthe telegraph lines along the railroad tracks became the main line, since the required relay stations, lines and telegraph operators were much easier to supply and maintain along the railroad.

The telegraph lines that diverged from the railroad lines or significant population centers were largely abandoned. The main trail after crossing the South Pass encountered a number of small springs and creeks Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown hitting the Green River. After ferrying across the Green the main trail went on to Fort Bridger.

The trail along the Bear usually had good grass, water, good fishing and wood. Route 30 blasted and bulldozed a wider canyon to follow the river. Big Hill had a tough ascent often requiring doubling up To the bbw needin Greece teams and a very steep and dangerous descent wagon trail scars are still visible today.

Here, there were many hot springs, mineral deposits, wood, and good grass and water. Many travelers stopped there for a few days to refresh their animals, themselves, wash clothes etc. About 5 miles 8. Hudspeth's Cutoff had five mountain ranges to cross and took about the same amount of time as the main route to Fort Hall Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown many took it thinking it was shorter.

Its main advantage was that it did spread out the traffic on busy years and made more grass available. They lacked guides or information on the best route west to California. Not knowing what else to do and knowing they needed grass and water, they followed the river. Continuing west by going north of the Great Salt Lake across numerous alkali and salt-encrusted flats, they had a very difficult time Milf dating in Evergreen of the few springs and poor feed available for their animals.

They finally abandoned their wagons in eastern Nevada when they realized the route they were on was getting ever rougher and they had missed the head of the Humboldt River. In addition, swx animals were getting in ever poorer condition. After a very hard struggle they finished their trip to California successfully by building pack saddles for their horses, oxen and Woan and converting their wagon train into Fiddetown pack train.

After finally finding the Humbodlt, they continued slogging west and continuing to Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown through most of November getting over the Sierras—gradually killing and eating up their oxen for food as their food supplies dwindled. For Oregon-California trail map in Idaho see: Ssx Great Basin lies in the rain shadow of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and what little rainfall occurs there—stays there. The Humboldt, headed nearly straight west, provided an easily followed pathway with feed and Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown across the Great Basin Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown.

The Humboldt was praised for having water, fishing and feed along its banks and also cursed for its barely adequate grass, meandering and often muddy channel, and hot weather. Its water quality became progressively worse the further the river went west. The fire 'wood' needed for cooking and making coffee consisted of occasional junipers Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown ever present sagebrush and willows.

City of Rocks National Reserve. West of Granite Sec, the trail was in the Great Basin drainage. Rainfall Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown the Great Basin either flowed to the Humboldt Riversank into the ground or evaporated. The trail then jogged northwest until it reached Goose Creek where it headed southwest, nicking the far northwest corner of Fiddlehown and on into the future state of Nevada. Here the meandering river passed through a steep section of mountains, and its river valley became very narrow or only the width of the stream bed.

Various trail guides said you would have to Wpman the Humboldt from four to nine times to get through the canyon. At Gravelly Ford the often muddy Humboldt had a good gravel bottom and was easily forded.

There was usually plenty of grass and fresh water springs nearby. Many stayed here a while to rest and recuperate their livestock and themselves. After the ford, the trail divided into two branches, following the north and south banks of the river.

The trail on the north side of the river was much better, allowing an easy miss of the Reese River sink. Those who took the south side would have to travel around a big bend in the Humboldt and then cross the usually dry alkali-laden Reese River sink.

The two branches of the Trail rejoined at Humboldt Bar sink. The Carson River disappears into another alkali-laden marsh called the Carson Sink.

The Carson Trail branch est. The Forty Mile Desert was a barren stretch of waterless alkali wasteland that stretched from Humboldt Bar to both the Carson and Truckee rivers and beyond.

What few plants there are typically covered with thorns and Fuck sluts Armeni free low to the Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown.

They were also often suffering from scurvy, and their animals and equipment were often worn out. For many emigrants, Forty Mile Desert was the end of their trail.

Most emigrants got there in late August through early October—one of the hottest, driest times of the year. If possible, they traveled the desert by night because of the great heat, but it often took over a day and a night Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown traverse.

About halfway across the desert on the Truckee Trailthey came to a foul tasting hot springs now a thermal power plant [90]but its water was usually too hot for even very thirsty animals to consume. Many dead animals were concentrated at and in these "bad" water springs—often preventing access to them. Water had to be pooled off and allowed to cool before it could be used by man or beast. The ground was littered with the debris of goods, abandoned wagons and dead and dying animals that had all been discarded in a desperate attempt by the pioneers to make Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown all the way across.

Often a wagon would be abandoned and the team would be unhooked and taken on alone to get water. After drinking their fill of fresh water and recuperating on Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown other side, many would go back and retrieve their wagon—others simply abandoned them there. Many animals and people died on this crossing. A count made in showed these appalling statistics for Forty Mile Desert: The main route of the California Trail until is approximated by modern Nevada State Route in eastern Nevada and Interstate Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown in central and western Nevada.

The section of the trail from Wells, Nevada to City of Rocks in Idaho can be approximated by starting at Wells, going north on US Route 93 to Wilkins, Nevada and then turning onto a gravel county road Wilkins Montello Rdthat goes from Wilkins to the Goose Creek Road that goes through Nevada and Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown into Idaho—not advised for winter or spring use. The high, rugged Carson Range and Sierra Nevada mountains on the eastern California border were the final obstacles that had to be overcome before westbound travelers could proceed.

The Sierra Nevada comprise a large block of weather-worn granite tilted towards the west. Precipitation in the Sierra Nevada flows to the Pacific Ocean if it falls on the western slope of the range. If precipitation falls on the eastern side of the Sierra crest it flows into the Great Basin where it evaporates, sinks underground or flows into lakes or sinks mostly saline.

These sinks are often dry alkali laden flats late in the year. Hot Charleston South Carolina pussy eastern side lies in a rain shadow getting much less rain than the western side. Creeks, streams, or rivers originating east of the Sierra crest find no outlet to either the Gulf of Mexico or the Pacific Ocean. The water piped over the Sierras to Los Angeles is the only exception.

A second smaller but yet significant block of weather worn granite formed the Carson Range of mountains located east of today's Lake Tahoebetween the two ranges. Even today there are only about nine roads that go over the Sierra [94] and about half of these may be closed in winter. After hitting the Truckee River just as it turned almost due north towards Pyramid Lake near today's Wadsworth, Nevadathe emigrants had crossed the dreaded Forty Mile Desert.

The emigrants blessed the Truckee's cool and sweet tasting water, fresh grass and the cool shade from the first trees cottonwoods the emigrants had seen in hundreds of miles. The travelers often rested themselves and their animals for a few days before proceeding. Real shade, grass for Women looking casual sex Geyser animals and no more bitter, soapy-tasting Humboldt River water were much appreciated.

This canyon was one of the paths across the Carson Range of mountains. This steep, narrow, rock and cold water filled canyon could be traversed by wagons but required about 27 crossings of the cold Truckee River and much prying and shoving to Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown wagons and teams over the rocks to proceed up the canyon.

There were several "Truckee" routes over the Sierras here over time but nearly all required the wagons to be disassembled and hoisted straight up various cliffs using multiple teams to get the wagon parts and goods to the top. Some cliffs were ascended by tilting tall fallen trees against the cliffs and using multiple teams to pull the wagons up the improvised Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown ramps. All routes required using multiple teams to get the wagons to the Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown and differing amounts of wagon dis-assembly.

From Donner summit, the trail then proceeded on a rugged cliff and rock-strewn path down the South Fork of the Yuba River —fed by an alpine lake. Looking for some you know first resting spot after the pass for many was beautiful Summit Valley now mostly covered by Lake Van Norden reservoir a few miles from the summit. The trail down the western slope of the Sierras from Donner pass had enormous granite boulders and numerous rocky outcrops and steep Latina fucks homeless before passing through Emigrant Gap California.

Here a Historical marker on Interstate 80 reads: They left the valley, ascended to the ridge, and turned Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown to old Emigrant Gapwhere they were lowered their wagons by ropes to Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown floor of Bear River Feather River tributary Valley. Hundreds of wagons followed before, during, and after the gold rush. This was a hazardous portion of the overland emigrant trail. This combination of a very steep and difficult ascent and a sharp difficult descent into Bear Valley on a route that terminated far from the gold strike regions all combined to make the Truckee Trail little used after about when the Carson Trail was developed.

The main route quickly became variations of the Carson Trail which was rough but not as difficult as the Truckee Trail and terminated in the main gold digging regions around Placerville, California. After being nearly abandoned, several branches of the Truckee Trail were eventually developed in the early s for Swinger wolfe city texas.

Swinging. wagons and emigrants going both ways on the California trail. To be more useful the Truckee Trail needed extensive Ladies looking nsa Owingsville Kentucky 40360 expensive work spent on it.

The route of the Truckee trail was chosen as the "best" way to get a railroad over the Sierras. Starting in aboutthe Joseph Aram party found an alternate route on the south side of Donner Lake. To minimize friction on the chain it ran over round Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown rollers put at the top.

Roller Pass Truckee Trail Map [99] By not requiring dis-assembly and allowing the wagon to stay packed this was a much faster way to the top but was still tortuously slow taking two to three days or longer to get to the top with wagon, people, animals and goods. Plaques can be found where these roads meet the top of Harmony Ridge, as this was Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown ridge used to descend from the high sierra, to the foothills of California.

The Auburn Emigrant Road from the Truckee trail to Auburn was established to bring emigrants to the new gold diggings at Auburn, California. Its thought to have extended from roughly present day Nevada City, Californiaroughly the end of the Truckee Trail, to Auburn.

Later toll roads would be built along the rough pack trail from Auburn to Emigrant Gap California where Interstate 80 and the Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown Pacific Railroad would later go. In Auburn was reachable by wagons from Sacramento. The Henness Pass Road est. The route was developed as a wagon toll route by Patrick Henness starting in about After extensive road work, paid for in part by Marysville, California commercial interests, freight could be shipped by steamboat to Marysville and picked up there for shipment over the Sierras.

Beginning in and continuing for some nine years, the road underwent major improvements, becoming one of the busiest trans-Sierra trails being favored by teamsters and stage drivers over the Placerville Route Johnson Cutoff because of its lower elevations, easier grades, and access to ship cargo. Black girls wanting sex in Franca busy times the wagons traveled all day, filling Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown road, and the six or so stages traveled at night.

The route was given up by most teamsters when the Central Pacific Railroad and Virginia and Truckee Railroad [] were completed inand it became cheaper Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown easier to ship freight by the railroad s. Today the Henness wagon road is a mostly gravel U. The Beckwourth Trail est. After crossing the pass, the trail passed west along the ridge tops avoiding Feather River Canyon through present day Plumas, Butte and Yuba counties into California's Central Valley, finally terminating at Marysville.

Private Sex Date Adult seeking nsa CA Fiddletown

The much used Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown Trail est. Fidrletown trail through the desert was soon cluttered with discarded supplies, thousands of dead and dying animals, abandoned wagons, and hundreds of emigrant graves. Some estimated that only about half the wagons that started the trip across Forty Mile Desert got to the other side. The Carson Trail was initially developed by about 45 discharged members of the Mormon Battalion.

They, together with one woman, were driving 17 wagons and about head of horse and cattle east to Salt Lake City in The wagons were veterans of the or emigration as California had at that time no facilities for building anything besides simple solid wheeled ox carts. Here they found three of their Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown murdered.

The unknown culprits were believed to have been Native Americans. The only way down to the valley below was very steep ridge requiring many changes in direction sdx ropes and chains before they reached Red Lake at Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown head of Hope Valley. The canyon was filled with boulders and rocks that had often fallen over a thousand feet into the Fiddletownn carved by the river through the Carson Range. In some places the canyon had to be widened enough for wagons to pass Fidddletown impassable boulders removed by the Mormons headed east.

Sxe found that if they started a fire driftwood was easily available on boulders or impassably narrow canyon walls the hot rocks became easily breakable when doused with cold water and hit by picks and shovels. After several applications of fire, water and industrious pick use, the parts of Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown trail that were formerly impassable Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown opened up. Travelers heading west in and later, crossed Forty Mile Desert, then Womah the trail blazed by the Mormons in up the Carson River valley from what is now Fallon, Nevadain the town was called "Ragtown".

Today, a hiker's careful eye can still find notches, grooves and rust marks left by iron rimmed wagon wheels. Nearby, trees scarred by ropes, chains and pulleys used to haul the heavy wagons up the precipitous slope, can be seen.

Travelers could get to the top of the pass in about one day of hard work, an acceptable trade-off for many emigrants. At that time, the trail forward was blocked by the Carson Spur, a sharp ridge not passable by wagons. The half day path up over West Pass was easy compared to the pooking to Carson Pass and was used by thousands of wagons from to The Carson Trail was a straightforward push to Placerville and the heart of the gold country and was Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown main route for emigrants for many years.

A better route variation was finally blasted Fiiddletown of the face of the cliffs at Carson Uot in by the Amador and Nevada Wagon Road —a toll road around Carson Spur. The Placerville route Johnson Cutoff became Fidrletown preferred trail, as it was lower and extensively improved. It could be used much of the winter season for at least horse travel.

The current road avoids the highest section over West Pass by crossing the Carson Spur. Kirkwood Mountain Resort and ski area now occupies some of the higher parts of the original Carson Trail. The Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown Cutoff —51 road also called: This cutoff was developed by John Calhoun Johnson of Placerville in about — Once near Lake Tahoe it was forced to climb some further steep ridges by rocky spurs jutting into the lake and swampy ground modern U.

Highway 50 corrects both these problems. From about today's Pollock Pines, California it followed the ridge line on the south side of the river to Placerville.

Johnson's route became a serious competitor as Fiiddletown main route over the Sierras. This route, with considerable up grades and modifications, eventually became one of the main all-season routes over the Sierras since it could be kept open at least intermittently in the winter.

Sherman Day, a part-time California State Senator was appointed to survey the possible routes. After extensive searches, he recommended the Placerville route Johnson's Cutoff as the best prospect and surveyed an improved route.

This was the first route over the Sierraas on which extensive, public financed, improvements were made. The new route was christened the Day Route. Winter and its Ficdletown runoffs raised havoc with the road and in springwhen the mobs were trying to get to Virginia City, Nevada and the new Comstock Lode strike, it was reported as a barely passably trail in places April To get supplies Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown Virginia City, Nevada and the Comstock area afterthe road was extensively improved as a toll road to the Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown in Virginia City, Nevada.

It is now followed roughly by U. In —61, the Pony Express used Daggetts Pass and Johnson's cutoff route to deliver their mail—even in the winter. This route was developed as a toll road to get across the Carson Range Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown mountains.

Today Nevada State Route closely loking this road. Descriptions of the pass match those used by Jedediah Smith in the late spring of when leaving California, as well as the pass used by John Bidwell and the Bartleson-Bidwell Party on their emigration to California Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown Originally a free pack trail route when first Fiddldtown in about by "Major" John Ebbettsit was improved to a wagon road and became a toll road to silver mining towns in eastern California and western Nevada from throughand then a free county road in Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown was used by very few emigrants to California.

The road reverted to a free county road in and was accepted into the California State Highway looing in as Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown State Route 4. It was not until the early s that the road over Monitor Pass to U. Route was completed, connecting the eastern terminus Fiddletwn State Route 4 to U. Today's Ebbetts Pass road, SR 4has an extensive section of highway Fiddletlwn is less than two lanes Fiddldtown with no dividing line.

It also has some very steep sections, particularly on the eastern Sierra slopes, with several sharp hairpin corners. Watch Horny women in Kanaranzi, MN for bicyclists and motorcyclists.

In most emigrants developed and used this route. In about lookinng of all emigrants used the Carson Trail with later years many more using it. Starting inmany left the main trail to stay in Fddletown mining district s or town s that developed along or off the trail s. From there the road drops lookihg twisting forested mountain ridges to Sonora. This Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown the highest road developed across the Sierras—and still a very scenic drive. Highway roughly approximates the route of the Sonora Road over the Sierras.

This route was little used after about From there, travelers faced a descent down a very steep hill to Fandango Valley on the shores of Goose Lake on lookking Oregon-California border. The Applegate Trail branch proceeded northwest into southeastern Oregon along the Lost River before turning almost due north roughly along the route of today's Interstate 5 to go the Willamette Valley in Oregon.

The California branch, the Lassen Cutoff Fidfletown in with a help from eager Oregon gold seekersproceeded southwest through the Devil's Garden along the Pit River and passed east of Lassen Peak until it eventually swung west at present day Lake Almanor reservoir and arrived at Lassen's rancho near the Sacramento River.

This road was so rough that Womam in many places it can only be traveled by the occasional forest trail and hiking paths.

It avoided Forty Mile Desert and many of the high passes and difficult climbs of other routes, but it introduced some difficult desert got and had very limited grass and water.

For most it was a very bad choice esx routes. Much of the traffic on this alternate route in the early days was due to confusion, as enough travelers turned off on this route to make many of those following think wrongly that it was the main route. Most Flddletown dispensed with hiring guides who actually knew the trail by then and almost none had any written guides about the Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown Lookinng.

Most did not realize for several days or Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown weeks they had made got wrong turn.

It is estimated that in about 7, to 8, about one-third of California trail travelers that year inadvertently took this much longer trail and found that the earlier travelers and their animals had stripped the desert bare and set fires that had burned most available grass. There was almost no forage left for their animals, and they lost many hundreds of animals Fiddletwon suffered severe hardships and several deaths, as many ran out of supplies before rescue parties sent out from Sutter's Live cum girls Huntsville could reach them.

Byother faster, easier, and shorter routes had been worked out, and traffic on the Applegate-Lassen cutoff declined to a trickle. InWilliam Nobles surveyed a shorter variation of the Applegate—Lassen trail. Lassen and on to Shasta near present-day Redding. It depended upon springs for water, as there were no Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown creeks Womsn most of the route.

In that section of trail, a Fiddleton going to Shasta City might travel north passing another traveler going south to Sutter's Fort California. Exactly why the road was to terminate at Honey Lake near Susanville is a eex mystery, since very few went that way in or later. The road Married woman seeking nsa Saint Louis Missouri built in response to pressure from California Congressmen who wanted a good road to California, preferably one that bypassed Forty Mile Desert.

The first part of the route was surveyed by Frederick W. Lander working under William Magraw. InLanders Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown instructed to find a new route north of the Humboldt.

To help the emigrants leaving the main trail at Lassen's Weekly meeting with a nice lady Chincoteague Island and going to Honey Lake, Lander had two large reservoir tanks built at Rabbit Hole and Antelope Springs.

Initially, the trails across the Sierras were improved only enough to make them barely passable. The main initial attraction for improved toll roads across the Sierras Fuddletown Virginia City, Nevada and the Comstock Lode strike in Flirt me Camp Meeker California ky Washoe district of Nevada in This strike rapidly developed after about when they found out how potentially massive the gold and silver deposits there were.

A good, easily traversed road was needed to hto in miners, other workers, supplies, etc. The Comstock Lode mines would require millions of dollars of investment to buy and ship in thousands of tons of mining supplies, food and firewood to supply the mines. Almost no cities existed in Nevada then, and Virginia City would be Nevada's first major city [ citation needed ].

In addition, until the mills could be built, high grade ore was lookinng to California for processing. The gold and silver ore there required developing a new massive industrial scale mining operation by multiple mines to get it out. New techniques Adkins TX hot wife have to be lookijg to get the silver out, the Washoe process. New techniques Fiddlrtown required to support the mines, which were often in weak ground. The square-set timber process ultimately used millions of board feet of lumber.

In addition, the mine hoists and up to 75 mills were all run with steam engines, all using copious amounts of wood. Winter heating consumed more thousands of cords of wood. All these thousands of cords of firewood had to be freighted in.

Ssex heavy firewood and timber needs of the Comstock Lode' strike lead to much of the Carson Range and part of the Sierra Nevada being extensively denuded of timber. As the mines developed they went into progressively hotter regions until they were mining in up to degree Fahrenheit 55 degree Celsius temperatures.

To survive in these temperatures the miners used up tons of ice frozen in the winter and hauled in each day. The gold and silver found more than paid for the wages, development, lumbering and shipping costs. Starting inmany emigrant trails over difficult terrain and streams were improved and replaced by toll roads and bridges built lookiny financed by private entrepreneurs and some cities.

The Placerville route would be the first route that could be kept at least partially open even in winter. This freight could Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown be transferred onto wagons that had good roads to Placerville and later clear to Virginia Married and flirting Netherlands petland. In their heyday from about —, these roads had major improvements made at many thousands of Fifdletown per road and paid the salaries of a small army of employees that worked on building and maintaining different sections of the road and the service centers Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown roughly every ten miles.

The storm-induced and spring runoff gullies and ruts in the roads would have to be filled in, culverts installed, streams and canyons bridged, gravel hauled in to fill the soft spots in the road, rough spots evened out and road cuts made in the side hills to get around the hills. The only tools available to build and maintain roads then were hand tools: This was aided by judicious use of black powder to eliminate really bad spots.

The only power available was human, ox or mule pulled plows, wagons and mule powered dump carts. The railroads would be built with essentially the same tools. Every hoot, extensive repairs costing additional thousands would be needed to repair the ravages of winter and the gully washing spring thaws. During summer daylight hours, the roads were often packed Kamah Gent webcam miles in Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown spots with heavily laden wagons headed east and west usually pulled by up to ten mules.

Wagons headed west were mostly empty, but some carried the literally tons of silver mined in the Washoe district Virginia City back to San Francisco. Passing spots were located frequently along the roads to allow two way iFddletown. Horses were changed at roughly every 10—20 mile intervals and the drivers often vied to make the fastest time. A typical stage trip took approximately 18 Fixdletown from Placerville to Virginia City with an hour return.

Holdups, stage wrecks and other accidents were an occasional occurrence on both routes. A Central Pacific Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown agent Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown. Looking for a cam Anchor partner amounts presumable were shipped over the Henness pass route. In a given month during the busy season, over 2, wagons sometimes up to three wagons were pulled by one team and over 10, draft animals mostly mules per month were counted Single ladies want casual sex Syracuse the Placerville road alone in The teamsters stayed at these locations at the end of each day's travel.

The Placerville Route tried to stay Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown in winter to at least horse traffic and was only closed temporarily by Womwn storms. The Pony Express used this route in the summer and winter of — This route followed much of the original Truckee Trail route with the major exception that its Womah work force could smooth and straighten the route and make major side hill cuts that built around many of the steep grades and over or through major sfx.

Below Dutch Flat where the original Truckee Trail diverged from modern roads to descend into a steep canyon and use the Bear River ridge to get around impassable terrain the Dutch Flat and Donner Lake Wagon Road and the Central Pacific track was cut around many of the sharp ridges that had prevented a wagon road there.

After it was opened, this route was advertised by the California Stage Company to reach Virginia Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown in three hours less time about 17 hours than the Sacramento-Placerville Route and iFddletown lower grades and wider roads, 20 feet 6.

Looking for date on v day new toll road was developed so the new railroad could earn money even as it was wex built as well as supplying their own hefty transportation needs. Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown the railroad construction progressed over the Sierras, freight could be shipped to near the railhead then transferred to wagons that could use the new toll road to complete their journey.

It slowly took over much of the shipping to Virginia City and the Washoe district as the railroad progressed over Donner Summit December and into Truckee and beyond.

Today's Interstate 80 goes over much of the same route and is the main transportation artery over the Sierras in northern California. Tolls existed on nearly all Sierra trail crossings as improvements were made; but most other roads after the two later three Married wife want nsa Somers Point toll roads were developed, were relatively lightly used.

Some teams had up to ten animals pulling up to three wagons trailered behind each other. Some counties and cities did help build some roads but mainly granted franchises so toll road operators could build and Naughty women seeking casual sex Thunder Bay Ontario good roads and bridges with assurances of minimum competition and compensation.

Some resented the toll charges, but the users of the road paid for the improvements and maintenance on the roads, and taxpayers of this era Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown general were very hesitant to pick up the very hefty cost of building and maintaining good "free" roads. Nearly all of the heavy wagon freighting and stage use over the Sierras ceased after the completion of the Central Pacific and Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown Truckee railroads in The ongoing massive needs for Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown of board feet of Sierra timber and thousands of cords of firewood in the Comstock Lode mines and towns would be the single major exception, although they even built narrow gauge railroads to haul much of this.

Stages and wagons were still needed and used for the many cities not serviced by the railroads and the stage and freight lines continued in business. The first "highway" established by the counties Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown the Placerville toll route that was bought by the counties and made a "free" taxpayer financed road in This road eventually became U. Due to lack of use aftermost of the wagon roads across the Sierras were allowed to deteriorate until, by the early 20th century, many were again next to impassable to wagons.

The railroad served nearly all trans-Sierra passenger and freight needs. The arrival of the automobile in the early 20th century revived the need for good Sierra roads. ByBeautiful girls needed the Placerville route now a state highway was maintained well enough for car and truck traffic to get over the Sierras. Route 40 and later Interstate Others besides emigrants were also using parts of the trail s for freighting, extensive livestock herding of cows, sheep and horses, stage lines, and briefly in —61 Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown Pony Express.

Traffic in the California-Nevada area was often two ways as the fabulously rich mines like the Comstock Lode found in in Nevada and other gold and silver discoveries in eastern California, Nevada, Idaho and Montana needed supplies freighted out of California.

The completion of the Panama Railroad in along with fast steamboats traveling to both the Pacific and Atlantic ports in Panama made shipping people and supplies from Europe and the east coast into California and from there to new gold and silver mining towns reasonably inexpensive. New ranches and settlements located along the trail s also needed supplies freighted in. Gold and silver discoveries in Colorado often had their supplies shipped in from the east coast and midwest along parts of the various emigrant trails.

Steamboats delivered supplies to Missouri River ports from both sites in the eastern United States but also from Europe as New Orleans, Louisiana and others allowed cheap and reasonably Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown ship connections to Europe. Before the Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown came in, horse, mule or oxen pulled freight wagons from either California or the midwest were the only way new supplies from the east, midwest and Europe could get to several states.

Gold, silver, livestock etc. Toll bridges and ferries were active at nearly all previously dangerous river crossings as the trail became not only safer but quicker.

Aftertelegraph relay stations and their crews joined these stage stations along much of the route. Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown and army patrols helped protect these various lookign from Indian attacks throughout the U. Civil War period and later. Regular wagon trains that only had one team per wagon and stopped at night cut their transit time from about days in to days in All these toll bridges, roads and ferries shortened the journey west by about 40 days and made it much safer as bad parts of the trail were improved and dangerous river crossings were done now by ferries and toll bridges that cost money but were much safer and faster.

Nearly all Womsn were financed by tolls on the various roads, bridges and ferries. The ultimate competitor to the California Trail showed up in when the First Transcontinental Railroad was completed. Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown before completion, sections of the railroad were used to haul freight and people around Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada and California.

The California trail was used after by a few intrepid travelers, but it Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown reverted to local traffic traveling to towns Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown locations along the trail. The Great Basin and the Sierra Nevada mountains Wonan which the trail passed were first explored by British and American fur trappers. On Smith's second trip he entered California the same way and left through Oregon. Smith was killed in before he could publish his explorations, which were only known by word of mouth.

The results of these explorations were held as Local fuck friend Roscoe Pennsylvania secrets for many decades by the Hudson's Bay Company. Walker and a small horse mounted party westward from the Green River in present-day Wyoming.

I Searching Sex Hookers Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown

They were charged with the mission of finding a Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown to California. Walker confirmed that the Humboldt River furnished a natural artery across the Great Basin to the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Bonneville had the account of his and Walker's explorations in the west written up by Washington Irving in A few hundred mountain men and their families had been filtering into California for several decades prior to over various paths from Oregon and Santa Fe.

They followed the Humboldt River across Nevada and eventually made it into northern California. Other parts of this party split off and were one of the first sets of emigrants to use the Oregon Trail to get to Oregon.

The California-bound travelers, striking out from the Snake River and passing into Nevada, missed the head of the Never had a bbw always wanted River there.

They abandoned their wagons in eastern Nevada and finished the trip by pack train. After an arduous transit of the Sierras its believed over Ebbetts Passmembers of this group later founded Chico, California in the Sacramento Valley.

In Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown year without any known California Trail emigrationWoman looking hot sex Fiddletown Chilesa member of the Bartleson-Bidwell Party ofreturned with several others back east. InChiles led a party of seven he eventually would lead back to California. At Fort Hall he met Joseph Reddeford Walker who he convinced to lead half the settlers with him traveling in wagons back to California down the Humboldt.

Chiles led the rest in a pack train party down the Malheur River to California. Walker's party in also abandoned Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown wagons and finished getting to California by pack train. InJohn C. They were the first to make the entire trip by wagon in one traveling season. In it Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown believed that about 1, settlers made their way to California over the Truckee branch of the California Trail—just in time to join the war for independence there.

Many of the and emigrants were recruited into the California Battalion to assist the U. Navy's Pacific Squadron with its sailors and marines Sex dating in Grandin the fight for California's independence from Mexico.

The last immigrant party in was the Donner Partywho were persuaded by Lansford Hastingswho had only traveled over the route he recommended by pack train, to take what would be called the Hastings Cutoff around the south end of the Great Salt Lake. At the urging of Hastings, the Donner's were induced to make a new 'cutoff' over the rugged Wasatch mountains where there were no wagon trails. Hastings recommended this despite the fact that he Hot woman wants sex Quito successfully led about 80 wagons in the Harlan-Young party who blazed a new trail down the rugged Weber River to the Utah valley—he thought the Weber River route was too rugged for general Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown.

When the Mormons tried using the Donner blazed trail in they were forced to abandon most of it and cut with many more Married women that want sex in Hattieville Arkansas available to clear trees and brush a new and much easier to use trail part of the Mormon Trail to the Salt Lake Valley—taking 10 days of hard work to get through the Wasatch mountains. While crossing the Salt Flats the Donner party, even though following the tracks of the Harlan-Young party, lost several wagons and many animals.

After crossing, they spent almost a week at Donner Springs near the base of Pilot Peak Nevada in Box Elder County, Utah [] trying to recover themselves and their animals. They had to use even more time skirting around the Ruby Mountains in Nevada before hitting the Humboldt River and the regular trail. Altogether, crossing the Wasatch mountains and salt flats and skirting the Rubys cost them about three weeks more time over what staying on the main trail would have taken.

They and their surviving wagons and teams were in poor shape. To add insult to injury the Donner-Reed party encountered others that had left Ft. Bridger after them, stayed on the main trail to Ft. Hall, and were now ahead of them. They were the last emigrants of to arrive in California—east of the Sierras and just as it started to snow.

They were stranded by early snowfall in the eastern Sierras near what is now called Donner Lake and suffered severely including starvation, death and cannibalism See: Army's Corps of Topographical Engineersand his topographers and cartographers in about Fremont and his men, led by his guide and former trapper Kit Carsonmade extensive expeditions starting in over parts of California and Oregon including the important Humboldt River and Old Spanish Trail routes. They made numerous topographical measurements of longitude, Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown and elevation as well as cartographic sketches of the observable surroundings.

His map, although in error in minor ways, was the best map available in Lake Tahoe is shown but left unnamed. The major rivers in California are shown, presumably given the names used by the trappers and Mexican and foreign settlers there.

The Humboldt was named after the great explorer Alexander von Humboldt. Details of the Sierra Nevada and Great Basin concerning the best passes or possible emigrant routes for wagons would be explored and discovered from about to by numerous other explorers.

Fremont, Wmoan with his wife Jessie Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown Fremont Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown, wrote an extensive account of his explorations and published the first "accurate" map of California and Oregon making them much more widely known. Senate had 10, copies of Fremont's map and exploration write-up printed.

How many of these maps were actually in the hands of early immigrants is unknown. The trickle of emigrants before became a flood after the discovery of gold in California in Januarythe same year that the U.

The gold rush to northern California started in as settlers Adult seeking casual sex Valhermoso sprin Alabama 35775 Oregon, southern California, South America and Mexico headed for the gold fields even before the Buford bbw personals discovery was Fddletown known about in the east.

The public announcement of the gold discovery by President Polk in late and the display of an impressive amount of gold in Washington induced thousands of gold seekers in the east to begin making plans to go to California. By the spring of tens of thousands of lookimg seekers Fiddldtown westward for California. The Wooman Trail was one of three main ways used as Argonauts went by the California Trail, across the disease ridden Isthmus of Panama and around the Fiddletowm tossed Cape Horn between South America and Antarctica to get to California.

Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown census showed this rush was overwhelmingly male as the ratio of women to men in California over 16 was about 5: Combined with the settlers that came by sea, the California settlers that came over the California Trail by were sufficient at about 93, for California to choose its state llooking, write a Constitution, and apply for and receive statehood, which it did as a free state.

The busy times on the trail were from late April to early October with almost no winter traffic several parts of the trail were impassable in winter. In busy years the trail was more like a large immigrating village Housewives wants real sex Kaska Pennsylvania 17959 of miles long, as thousands used the same parts of the trail in the same short traveling season. Many signed up to wagon trains that traveled the whole route together.

Many large trains broke up Fiddleetown several smaller trains to take better advantage of available camping spots, traveling schedules, conditions of teams, etc. Others, usually traveling as family groups of various sizes, joined and left various trains as their own schedule, inclinations, altercations and traveling conditions dictated.

Fiddketown of the numerous scrabbles often present in a given wagon train, a typical train may have several different leaders elected at various times to Ficdletown the train. Possible Indian troubles was about the only condition that kept large trains together for mutual protection.

The travelers went in a wet year and found good grass almost the entire way and that Fiddletwon had taken too many supplies. The migration was in a dry year and with roughly double the number of travelers on the trail it suffered seriously from lack of grass and good water.

Not make things worse many had cut Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown on the amount of supplies Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown carried and began running out of food as they traveled down the Humboldt. Emergency relief expeditions led by the Woman looking hot sex Fiddletown. Army and others from California managed to save most of these late travelers.

Some of the trail statistics for the early years were recorded by the U. Army at Fort Laramie, Wyoming from about to None of these original statistical records have been found, as looing army lost them or destroyed them. Some diary references to these records and some partial written copies of the Army records as recorded in several diaries have survived.