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All I need is a special perso!

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A special interest can be speciwl intense interest in a broad subject architecture or a narrowly focused interest midth century Cistercian monasteries. I read books about training for marathons. I found workout plans online and joined a training site to get personalized drills. I learned about Fartlek and track workouts and running technique.

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I Phone chat Austwick up for road races. Ten years later, I spend more on running clothes and shoes than on everyday clothes. I use a heart rate monitor and a distance tracker to nded my workouts. If I go on vacation, I pack all of running stuff.

It fills a very specific need. Spending time engaged in a special interest fulfills a specific need for aspies.

What’s so Special About a Special Interest? | Musings of an Aspie

For me, indulging in a special interest is how I recharge myself. It allows me to completely immerse myself in something that intensely interests me while tuning out the rest of the world. The danger in special interests is that they can become consuming.

They can take over every conversation, every free minute of the day, every thought, if you let them. They can be a refuge or a hiding place. I put dinner on the stove and then forget about it until I smell it burning.

Quote by Andrew Boyd: “We’re all seeking that special person who is ri”

The sun sets and hours later All I need is a special perso! realize the house is pitch dark. Another problem can arise if the object of a special interest is socially unacceptable. When my husband read my list of special interests, he jokingly added himself to it. He was being funny, but sometimes aspies Woman want sex Alanson take on another person as a special interest.

When we think of our fathers, I'm sure we all have stories to tell. Stories that make us laugh, cry, and cheer when we reflect back on all of the. Sometimes memories are all we have when you've taken for granted that special person. But yes we all have memories good and bad. Andrew Boyd — 'We're all seeking that special person who is right for us. But if you've you lovingly gaze upon and think, “This is the problem I want to have.”.

If that person persp! a celebrity, the aspie can safely spend hours learning about and admiring that person from afar. You can read an excellent first person account of this issue here: Special interests tend to find us, rather than the other way around.

All I need is a special perso! I Look Horny People

I have no idea what has drawn me to many of my special interests over the years. Most are things s I have an intense but inexplicable fascination with. I can easily get lost exploring websites like this one: Like writing, reading, and martial arts, my interest in All I need is a special perso! places and things has been with me since childhood.

But other interests have come and gone over the years.

All I need is a special perso!

A special interest often arises suddenly, becomes intense for a period months or years then disappears just as quickly. My collecting-related interests from childhood were like that. I would spend hours organizing, sorting and rearranging my coins, stamps and baseball cards. For me, and for a lot of aspies, a special interest is our preferred way of de-stressing, recharging and just plain enjoying ourselves.

However, there is one case where you get to pursue your special interest all day, five days a week, and society gives you an approving thumbs up: I especially enjoyed learning about her first special interestbecause we shared some favorite baseball players in common as children.

I relate to this post, very much! We have had many of the same special interests.

I also agree that too much can be harmful, especially in the case of people obsessions. I will use the word obsession here, because a person is not a thing to be owned or to specialize in I have seen this happen to one lady on Wrong Planet.

I later saw a news article on her where she was arrested for stalking and seriously harassing one of her teachers. I immediately knew who it was by the details. I am always brainstorming persi! ways to make money from my current interest, which is blogging and autism advocacy. The objectification of a person is always so dangerous.

A special needs trust is a trust tailored to a person with special needs that is designed to manage assets for that person's benefit while not compromising access to important government benefits. There are three main types of special needs trusts: the first-party trust, the . The need to feel special is common to human beings. We want to know that we matter to others; we want to be seen. We strive to achieve some special status in the eyes of others; how we are viewed by others matters to us. One way of knowing that we are special is when people treat us differently than they treat others. Nov 27,  · All my love is all I have And my dreams are Very Special All my life I've looked for you And today my dreams come true You need me and I need you Love and us is Very Special .

There are so many stories of people who have successfully monetized their blogs. That sounds like a great way of making some income by doing something you love and, in the case of autism advocacy, making the world a better place.


Photography and exploring are vastly becoming 2 special interests of mine. I found that when the inevitable interruption or thousands of interruptions came, I literally went ballistic, screaming and…yeah.

Just not good for anyone. I look forward aa a time a few years from now They are pussy open I can say that I need 3 hours and they can do their own thing without needing me. And while I do find it stressful, I find it equally stressful being so out of control about interruptions. All I need is a special perso! children can make it so hard to get any time to yourself, let alone the kind of time a special interest requires.

It must be difficult to have to make the choice between giving up your interests and feeling so out of control if you tried to keep on with them.

All I need is a special perso!

The good news is that kids grow up pretty fast. The time when you can find a few hours for yourself will probably come sooner than you expect.

Fuck Buddy in Paragonah Iron UT Mental arithmetic and especially squaring numbers is one of my special interests. I often lament that I was born about 50 or 60 years too All I need is a special perso! When I started investigating special interests in more detail I was surprised to learn that things like reading could be a special interest, but it definitely fits the bill when I think about how I use reading and Alk it makes me feel.

I just the beginning of a post yesterday from the dentist chair about the difference between neer on special interests and difficulties with sustained focus and completion of other life tasks. You did a great job at explaining what special interest are!

Terra, I too go ballistic and feel out of control sometimes when I am constantly interrupted. I get immediately angered. I look forward to reading your post as All I need is a special perso! have problems with completion of things like cooking, cleaning, going out due to wanting to just wallow in my special interests instead. I actually was heading toward that…but instead wrote a short post about how special interests make me feel, then I directed them to you. But…the completing things, cooking, cleaning, etc… I believe it is a combination of excecutive function and weak Pei random sex encounter coherence issues.

I linked from here to your special interests post and the Baseball Obsessed Pre-Schooler post from your book. You really have a great way of getting the details and feelings of a subject across so clearly. I love this post! I am a social worker who has been working with people on the Autism Specrtum for years! I have always been fascinated by the types if special interest I know you hate Girls from Doswell porn label and feel as if so much time the person I am working with is told to stop All I need is a special perso!

about the subject and focus in other things. I have always thought that talking thinking and now using the web to involve oneself in the interest is a great way to relax and decompress from a day of demands.

I am wondering if you would be willing to offer me some perspective from someone who is on the spectrum to really understand what you would like to call these interests and if you would be interested in meeting others who All I need is a special perso! your interest on the Internet in a smaller scale site than what already exists out there.

If you are willing to offer you thoughts please email me privately. An interest in feminism could become a career path in a quite a few different ways, so perhaps that will be the case for you. I All I need is a special perso! been fortunate that several of them have combined to create a relatively lucrative career for me as a computer specialist.

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My hearing is almost supernaturally keen, so sound plays a large role in how I live my life. I am learning how to run a sophisticated digital audio workstation program called Ableton Live.

All those specail and sliders and things- with cool sounds coming out the speakers… geeky heaven! Thank you for this blog, BTW. I have a whole long series written about being self-employed and how in a best case scenario special interests can translate into careers. Hellojust wanted to ask you about aspie special interest.

The Need to Feel Special |

Just wanted to ask you can someone have aspergers while having good coordination and balance? And not having considerable sensory issues? It does sound spedial your description here like you have a lot of Aspergers traits so talking with someone about possibly getting diagnosed sounds like a good idea.

Special interests are something you find intensely interesting. Some people pursue their special All I need is a special perso! by reading about it but others pursue it by thinking about it or doing it. It really depends on what the interest is. Also, many of us have learned coping strategies, like reading facial expressions or making eye contact.

There are lots of online screening quizzes that you can take to get a better idea of the range of autistic traits. That might be a good place to start exploring. I kept thinking that meltdowns sounded and looked far more over the top than what I had. Because when I felt emotionally overwhelmed, I just shutdown. Like, not being need to speak about it. Just feeling stuck in the emotions, not being able to cope. Same with sensory things. But it all sounded far more extreme than what I Women want nsa Heflin Louisiana. Until I started thinking about all the All I need is a special perso!

that I hear that always had other people puzzled. Like getting annoyed with the sounds from overhead lighting, or the standby sound of the TV, or the gurgling of the speciao heating.

Picky eating, another clue. Not being able to explain why even the thought of mayonnaise makes me retch. That I understand people very well.