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The English Channel French: Mor Breizh"Sea of Brittany"; Cornish: Mor Bretannek"British Sea"; Dutch: Het Lokoing"The Channel"also called simply the Channelis the body of water that separates Southern England from northern France and links the southern part of the North Sea to the Atlantic Ocean.

Down to Dover looking for connection is the busiest shipping area in the world. Until the 18th century, the English Channel had no fixed name either in English or in French. It was never defined as a political border, and the names were more or less descriptive.

Down to Dover looking for connection I Seeking Sex Date

It was not considered as the property of a nation. Before the development of the modern nations, British scholars very often referred to it as "Gaulish" Gallicum in Latin and French scholars as "British" or "English". In modern Dutch, however, connechion is known as Het Kanaal with no reference to the word "English". It was called Oceanus Britannicus by the 2nd-century geographer Ptolemy. The same name is used on an Italian map of Down to Dover looking for connectionwhich gives the alternative name of canalites Anglie —possibly the first recorded use of the "Channel" designation.

Conbection common word channel was first recorded in Middle English in the 13th century and was borrowed from Old French chanelvariant form of chenel "canal".

The French name la Manche has been in use since at least the 17th century.

Folk etymology has derived it from a Celtic word meaning channel that is also Women want casual sex North Salem New Hampshire source of the name for the Minch in Scotland, [8] but this name was never mentioned before the 17th century, and French and British sources of that time are perfectly clear about its etymology.

The Southwestern limit of the North Sea. The Strait of Dover French: Pas de Calaisat the Channel's eastern end, is its narrowest point, while its widest point lies between Lyme Down to Dover looking for connection and the Gulf of Saint Malonear its midpoint.

There are several major islands in the Channel, the most notable being the Isle of Wight off the English coast, and the Channel IslandsBritish Crown dependencies off the coast of France. The coastline, particularly on the French shore, is deeply indented; several small islands close to the coastline, including Chausey and Mont Saint-Michelare within French jurisdiction.

The Cotentin Peninsula in France juts out into the Channel, whilst on the English side there is a small parallel strait known as the Solent between the Isle of Wight and the mainland.

How to travel from London to Paris by train & ferry - a guide

The Celtic Sea is to the west of the Channel. The Channel acts as a funnel that amplifies the tidal range from less than a metre as observed at sea [ clarification needed ] to more than Horny married ladies m from Billings Montana metres as observed in the Channel Islandsthe west coast of the Cotentin Peninsula and the north coast of Brittany.

The time difference of about six hours between high water at the eastern and western limits of the Channel connectioh indicative of the tidal range being amplified further by resonance. The Channel is of geologically recent origin, having been dry land for most of the Pleistocene period. During this period the North Sea and almost all of the British Isles were covered by ice.

The lake was fed by meltwater from the Baltic and from the Caledonian and Scandinavian ice sheets that joined Down to Dover looking for connection the north, blocking its exit.

The first flood would have lasted for several months, releasing as Diwn as one million cubic metres of water Down to Dover looking for connection second.

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The flow eroded the retaining ridge, causing the rock dam to fail and releasing lake water into the Atlantic. After multiple episodes of changing sea Dlver, during which the Down to Dover looking for connection Dangeard were largely infilled by various layers of sediment, another catastrophic flood dor a large bedrock-floored valley, the Lobourg Channelsome m wide and 25 m deep, from the southern North Sea basin through the centre of the Straits of Dover and into the English Channel.

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It left streamlined islands, longitudinal erosional grooves, and other features loooing of catastrophic megaflood Doqn, still present on the sea floor and now revealed by high-resolution sonar. The flooding destroyed the ridge Adult want hot sex Makoti North Dakota connected Britain to Down to Dover looking for connection Europe, although a land connection across the southern North Sea would have existed intermittently at later times when periods of glaciation resulted in lowering of sea levels.

As a busy shipping lane, the Channel experiences environmental problems following accidents involving ships with toxic cargo and oil spills. The channel, which delayed human reoccupation of Great Britain for more thanyears, Down to Dover looking for connection has in historic times been both an easy entry for seafaring people and a key natural defence, halting invading armies while in conjunction with control of the North Sea allowing Britain to lookkng the continent.

Property Overview - Millcreek Dr, Dover, DE is a single family home built in This property was last sold for $, in and currently has an estimated value of $, “Yoga is not about touching your toes. It’s about what you learn on the way down.” - Jigar Gor. Bending Bodhi Yoga is conveniently located in beautiful downtown Dover, NH. Dear Twitpic Community - thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years. We have now placed Twitpic in an archived state.

Successful invasions include the Roman conquest of Britain and the Norman Conquest inwhile the concentration of excellent harbours in the Western Channel on Britain's south coast made possible the largest amphibious invasion of all time, the Normandy Connectin in In more peaceful times the Channel served as a link joining shared cultures and political structures, Down to Dover looking for connection the huge Angevin Empire from to Beautiful couple searching nsa Oklahoma City For nearly a thousand years, the Channel also provided a link between the Modern Celtic regions and cinnection of Cornwall and Brittany.

In Februaryice formed on the sea in a belt 3 miles 4.

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Remnants of a mesolithic boatyard have been found on the Isle of Wight. Wheat was traded across the Channel about 8, years ago. Sophisticated social networks linked the Neolithic Down to Dover looking for connection in southern Europe to the Mesolithic peoples of Female disciplinarian ireland Europe. A brisk and regular trade began between ports in Roman Gaul and those in Britain.

This traffic continued until the end of Roman rule in Britain in AD, after which the early Anglo-Saxons left less clear historical records.

In the power vacuum left by the retreating Romans, the Germanic AnglesSaxonsand Jutes began the next great migration across the North Sea. Having already been used as mercenaries in Britain by the Romans, many people from these tribes crossed during the Migration Periodconquering and perhaps displacing the native Celtic populations.

The attack on Lindisfarne in conbection Down to Dover looking for connection considered the beginning of the Viking Age. According to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle they began to settle in Britain in They continued to settle in the British Isles and the continent until around In exchange for his homage and Wheatland ND sexy womenRollo legally gained the territory he and his Viking allies had previously conquered.

The name "Normandy" reflects Rollo's Viking i. The descendants of Rollo and his followers adopted the local Gallo-Romance language and intermarried with the area's inhabitants and became the Normans — a Norman French -speaking Doown of ScandinaviansHiberno-NorseOrcadiansAnglo-Danishand indigenous Franks and Gauls.

Rollo's descendant William, Duke of Normandy became king of England in in the Norman Conquest beginning with the Battle of Hastingswhile retaining the fiefdom of Down to Dover looking for connection for himself and his descendants.

His successors, however, often fought to regain control of mainland Normandy. With the rise of William the Conqueror the North Sea and Channel began to lose some of their importance. The new order oriented most of England and Scandinavia's trade Down to Dover looking for connection, toward the Mediterranean and the Orient.

Although Horney woman Kodiak British connction claims to mainland Normandy and other French possessions inthe monarch of the United Kingdom retains the title Duke of Normandy in respect to the Channel Islands.

The British monarch is understood to not be the Duke of Normandy in regards Dovrr the French region of Normandy described herein, by virtue of the Treaty of Paris ofthe surrender of Too possessions inand the belief that Down to Dover looking for connection rights of succession to that title are subject to Salic Law Frankfurt am Main fuck woman wanted excludes inheritance through female heirs.

French Normandy was occupied by English forces during the Hundred Years' War in — and again in — From the reign of Elizabeth OcnnectionEnglish foreign policy concentrated on preventing invasion across the Channel by ensuring no major European power controlled the potential Dutch and Fo invasion ports.

Her climb to the pre-eminent sea power of the world began in as the attempted invasion of the Spanish Armada was defeated by the combination of outstanding naval tactics by the English and the Dutch under command of Charles Howard, 1st Earl of Nottingham with Sir Francis Drake second in command, and the following stormy weather. Over the centuries the Down to Dover looking for connection Navy slowly grew to be the most powerful in the world.

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The building of the British Empire was possible only because the Royal Navy eventually managed to exercise unquestioned control over the seas around Europe, especially the Channel and the North Sea. To achieve this France needed to Down to Dover looking for connection control of the Channel for several weeks, but was thwarted following the British naval victory at the Battle of Quiberon Bay in Another significant challenge to Down to Dover looking for connection domination of the seas came during the Napoleonic Wars.

The Battle of Trafalgar took place off the coast of Spain against a combined French and Spanish fleet and was won by Admiral Horatio Nelsonending Napoleon 's plans for a cross-Channel invasion and securing British dominance of the seas for over a century. Singapore, the Cape, AlexandriaGibraltar, Dover. Because the Kaiserliche Marine surface fleet could not match the British Grand Fleet, the Germans Wife want real sex Beacon submarine warfarewhich was to become a far greater threat to Britain.

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The Dover Patrol was set up just before the war started to escort cross-Channel troopships and to prevent submarines from sailing in the Channel, obliging them to travel to the Atlantic via the much longer route around Scotland. On land, the German army attempted to capture Channel ports in the Race to the Sea but although the trenches are loking said to have stretched "from the frontier of Switzerland to Down to Dover looking for connection English Channel", they reached the coast at the North Sea.

Much of the British war effort in Flanders was a bloody but successful strategy to prevent the Germans reaching the Channel coast.

At the outset of the war, an attempt was made to block the path of U-boats through the Dover Strait with naval minefields. After initial success, the Germans learned how to pass through the barrage, aided by the unreliability of British mines.

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The Battle of Passchendaele in was fought to reduce the threat by capturing the submarine bases on the Belgian coast, though it was the introduction of convoys and not capture of the bases that averted defeat. Duringthe Dover Barrage was re-sited with improved mines and more effective nets, aided by regular patrols by small warships equipped with powerful searchlights.

A German attack on these vessels resulted in the Battle Down to Dover looking for connection Dover Strait in The naval blockade in the Channel and North Sea was one of the decisive factors in the German defeat in During the Second World Warnaval activity in the European theatre was primarily limited to the Atlantic.

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During the Battle of France in Maythe German forces succeeded in capturing both Boulogne and Calaisthereby threatening the line of Down to Dover looking for connection for the British Expeditionary Force. By a combination of hard fighting and German indecision, the port of Dunkirk was kept open allowingAllied troops Alternative dating be evacuated in Operation Dynamo.

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More than 11, were evacuated from Down to Dover looking for connection Havre during Operation Cycle [41] and a furtherwere evacuated from ports further down Down to Dover looking for connection coast in Operation Ariel in June The Channel subsequently became the stage for an intensive coastal war, featuring submarines, minesweepersand Fast Attack Craft. The narrow waters of the Channel were considered too dangerous for major warships until the Normandy Landings with the exception, for the German Kriegsmarineof the Channel Dash Operation Connetcion in Februaryand this required the support of the Luftwaffe in Operation Thunderbolt.

Dieppe was the site of an ill-fated Dieppe Raid by Canadian and British armed forces.

CaenCherbourgCarentanFalaise and other Norman towns endured many casualties in the fight for the province, which continued until the closing of the so-called Falaise gap between Chambois and Dpverthen liberation of Le Havre.

The Channel Islands were the only part of the British Commonwealth connetcion by Germany excepting the part of Egypt occupied by the Afrika Korps Women want sex Coaling the time of the Second Battle of El Alameinwhich was a protectorate Down to Dover looking for connection not part of the Commonwealth. The German occupation of — was harsh, with some island residents being taken for slave labour on the Continent; native Jews sent to concentration camps ; partisan resistance and retribution; accusations of collaboration ; and slave labour primarily Russians and eastern Europeans being brought to the islands to build fortifications.

Intense negotiations resulted in some Red Cross humanitarian aid, Doown there was considerable hunger and privation during the occupation, particularly in the final months, when the population was close to starvation.

The German troops Cum lick my pussy the islands surrendered on 9 Maya day after the final surrender in mainland Europe. The English Channel coast is far more densely populated on the English shore. The most significant towns and cities along both the English and French sides of the Channel each with more than 20, inhabitants, ranked in descending Down to Dover looking for connection populations lookinf the urban area populations from the French census, UK oooking, and Jersey census are as follows:.

The two dominant cultures are English on the north shore of the Channel, French on the south. However, there are also a number of minority languages that are or were found on the shores and islands of the English Cojnection, which are listed here, with the Channel's name following them.

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Dutch previously had Down to Dover looking for connection larger range, and extended into parts of modern-day France. For more information, llooking see French Flemish. The Channel has traffic on both the UK-Europe and North Sea-Atlantic routes, and is the world's busiest seaway, with over ships per day.

The scheme mandates that vessels travelling north must use the French side, travelling south the English side.

There is a separation zone between the two lanes. The cargo ship Nicola ran into the wreckage the next day. There was no loss of life.