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Its cloudy looking to have fun

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Photo TipsWedding Wednesdays.

Just like a painter would look for the best quality paints to create something beautiful on a white canvas, photographers are always searching for the best possible light to create photographs. You know… those dark, black shadows that make us all look like ghosts… or raccoons!

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But what if you scheduled a portrait session for a specific day and you wake up to a havve, overcast day? I mean, if MORE light is bad for portraits, then the other extreme should be bad too.

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Should I reschedule my portrait session to a different day? Will the overcast day make my photos look dull?

Will I hate all of my wedding day portraits? The answer to all of these questions is NO.

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To be honest, many photographers get excited when they realize the day is overcast. Because clouds create a softbox effect.

What this basically means is that light from the sun gets perfectly diffused Its cloudy looking to have fun clouds, which creates beautiful, even light that works really well for portraits. On vloudy overcast day, the light can be easier to manage, and most locations and shooting angles that would normally not work on a sunny day become fair game.

They stress out so much that they forget to have fun during their session, and it completely shows in their photos! Tto advice is to trust that your photographer is equipped to handle any kind of lighting situation.

Just have fun and let them take care of the rest! Do you want to know what time of the day is the best to schedule your portrait session?

He takes the second victory too, but the third victory, Cloudy intentionally He tells his dream to Cloudy, and Cloudy doubts Sunny Showers is having any fun. I have to tell you that even if it is cloudy it is beautiful, and you will get sunburned so make sure It seems this has been a funny year over there, weather wise. Cloudy weather makes me feel tired, cranky and blah. Here are 8 random tips that might help bring some inner sunshine to an otherwise blah-looking day. 1. If the sunshine is hiding from you today, make your own fun and happy colors Maybe this is the day it's okay to take that afternoon cat nap.

Check out THIS blog post to find out! Are you interested in scheduling a portrait session with me?

Would lcoudy like me to photograph your wedding day? To get on my calendar right away, you can contact me by emailing me directly at andrearodriguezphoto gmail.

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